Deals and ConsequencesMature

This is the story of the first ghost rider. It takes us through his life's journey from the time he made his deal with the devil through the massacre at San Vangonza and ends with his defiance of evil and subsequent disappearance.

Death is no longer an option for me. The same cannot be said of them. I'm sure they ain't planning on dying today and on the surface, it looks like the odds are in their favor. There's three of them. All are hired guns and all as merciless as a Texas summer is hot. Their guns glisten in the evening sun. Wearing black dusters with silver studs and fancy belts must make them look pretty impressive to the few souls brave enough to hang out for the fireworks. I watch as most of the onlookers scatter. The names Benjamin church, Christopher Todd and Virgil Wimbly would strike fear in the heart of most men. I face them alone. I am not most men. Arrogant, I know that's what you're thinking. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably be thinking the same thing. Just so you know pure evil is not what drives me, I wish I didn't have to do this. I truly do. You see, I have no choice. The bible says the wages of sin is death. Truth is the heaven knows they have this coming. More important, hell knows they have it coming. I am the ghost rider, hell's accountant, and I'm here to settle their account.

Before you judge me, there's a few things you should know. These men and I have some history between us. This didn't start here. It won't end here either. I'll give you the short version of that history, not because I need your sympathy, but because you shouldn't waste it on them. In order to understand how we met and why the world, no matter how big, is not big enough for the three of us you have to go back to the deal.  It began with a girl. She was as pretty as peacock in mating season. In time, she became my world. Every though, every action and every decision I made revolved around her. She was what I thought about, dreamed about and worked toward building a future for. Turns out my picture of life was a lie right from the beginning. You already know the basic story so I'll spare you the details and give you the short story.

Devil's Hollow wasn't much of a town. There was one main street, a couple of saloons, a smithy and brothel. Its only claim to fame was that it was the stop for the coach delivering the payroll to San Vangonza. On the day we rode into town, she told me she was pregnant. I spent the night trying to wrap my mind around it all. By nightfall, I was full of whiskey and out of ideas on how to make it all work. that's when I met him.

He was tall man and clad in a fancy black coat. He was the kind of man that you didn't have to see to feel his presence when he walked in. I never really saw his face but his words. They were as sweet as honey and so was the deal he offered. From the time he sat at my table my whole world took a turn for the worse. "Thinking about it won't get your problem solved." His voice was low and seductive. The words oozed out barely louder than a whisper but I heard them clearly. He sat across from my table. Our eyes locked and it was as if we were the only ones there. "I have an answer to your problems but you must do something for me in return. Five men will rob the stage. All you have to do is fire a shot at the next rest stop outside of town. Make sure the guards are distracted when you do." My mind raced. The only question I could think of was is there anything else I have to do. "His voice responded without me asking. "You don't have don't have to fire a shot. Don't have to hurt your friends. No one has to get hurt as long as your friends don't get stupid. Do this for me and you'll get the life you want or you can always work yourself into the ground and hope one day you'll be where you need to be. Of course by then you may have lost everything you really want." A plan formed in my mind. It all seemed so easy. That plan led me to this moment.

The End

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