Chapter 2

    Either Sophie had gotten over a foot shorter, or everything else had gotten taller. 

    She was standing in her bedroom, which was normally a familiar place, but right now Sophie felt like a stranger in her own home.

   Her black dressers towered over her, when usually she was tall enough to look down on them.

“I’d need a ladder to climb into bed...”  Sophie thought to herself. “What the hell is going on?”

    She looked around her bedroom some more.

    It was supposed to have a black and white monochromatic colour scheme, but for some reason it felt like... More.

“Can I taste...Wood?” Sophie asked herself.

    She was looking at one of the black end-tables beside her bed, and it was made out of wood.

    But why was she able to taste it?

    Her gaze shifted downwards, to the white carpet that covered the floor.

    It was so vivid, it seemed to glow beneath her feet.

“What the...? the confused girl thought to herself.

    She was seeing her legs for the first time since she’d entered this unusual state of mind.

    The first thing Sophie noticed, was that she wasn’t wearing any pants. After that, she noted that she had small, childlike thighs, and she was standing as if she was wearing her usual high-heeled shoes.

    Except that... She wasn’t wearing any shoes.

    Her feet were naturally inclined, and standing this way was easy and natural for her.

    Sophie’s heels were suspended in the air, but there was something else that was bothering her about her lower body.

“One, two, three, four...” Sophie counted. “Only four toes?!”

    It was true.

    Both of her pinkie toes were missing, and it made a difference to her.

“I have to get to the bathroom” Sophie decided.

    The closest one was the bathroom that was connected to her room, and the door that lead to it was directly behind her.

    She spun around to face the door, and heard the sound of many objects hitting the carpet.

    Something behind her had knocked the makeup and perfume off of the nearby, floating shelf.

    Nothing sounded broken though, so she reached up above her head, turned the doorknob, and entered the bathroom.

    The panel to turn the lights on was also extremely high up, and Sophie had to jump just to activate it.

    She took a deep breath.

    She really didn’t want to see what her face looked like right now, but she needed to know.

“Don’t scream, don’t scream, don’t scream...” Sophie told herself.  

    She pushed a button on the bathroom counter and the floor tile that she was standing on began to rise. 

    Sophie shut her eyes tightly: she really didn’t know what to expect when the tile was high enough for her to see over the sink and into the mirror.

    Finally, it was high enough, and stopped ascending.

“Don’t scream, don’t scream” Sophie repeated as she took another deep breath.

    She held this breath in her small lungs...

    And opened her eyes.

The End

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