Chapter 1.7

“It sounds like you’ve had quite the day!” said Elle to Sophie.

    After Laura left, Elle made Sophie a cup of green tea.

    After that, she helped her change into her pajamas, while listening to her as she explained the adventure she had earlier.

    Now, she was sitting on the edge of Sophie’s queen sized bed, tucking her in for the night.

“Yeah... Today’s been pretty crazy. Thanks for all the help Elle. You’re... The best” said Sophie before she leaned her head back onto a pillow and closed her eyes.

“Nothing stimulates my pleasure module more than serving you, Sophie!” Elle replied with a smile.
Sophie opened her eyes, and looked at the synthetic human sitting next to her.

    All personal synths were customized by their owners before they were assembled, and creating ones took hours.

    Everything from a synth’s height and weight, to it’s freckles and birthmarks, to it’s skin tone and complexion, to it’s hair length and colour, and even their personalities had to be chosen and calibrated by the owners in virtual reality.

    Looking at Elle now, Sophie couldn’t help but feel proud of herself. Two weeks ago, she was cleaning up some data on her computer, when she came across a folder filled with drawings she had made when she was a child.

    Back then, Elle was only her invisible, imaginary friend.

    Sophie never had a special doll, or blanket that she carried around with her.

    Instead, she drew hundreds of pictures of “Elle”: a girl with black hair and pink eyes.

    As with all children though, Sophie soon grew too old to have an imaginary friend, and over time she stopped drawing her.

“Are you alright?” asked Elle.

    Sophie had unknowingly been staring at her for the past two minutes.

“Oh...Yeah” she answered. “You can go to sleep now, we’re going shopping tomorrow...Right?”

    Elle stood up and clapped her hands together.

“Yes!” she said enthusiastically.

    Elle frowned, and the lights in Sophie’s room turned off. Then, she went to the doorway and peered into the bedroom.

“Goodnight Sophie” she said.

“G’night, Elle” Sophie replied.

    She heard footsteps walking down the hall, so she closed her eyes once again.

    She was ready to go to sleep, but she wasn’t ready for the dream she was about to have.

The End

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