Chapter 1.6

Sophie swiped her wrist over the touch-screen that was embedded in the wall beside the front door to her apartment.

Laura was standing behind her, and hadn’t said anything since her outburst in the car,

    She already regretted her rant, but knew that it was too soon to offer her friend an apology.

    The touch-screen turned green, and displayed a picture of an old fashioned padlock to signify that the door was now unlocked.

    Sophie stepped in first, and was greeted by a female voice in the living room.

“Welcome home Sophie” said the voice. “While you were away I washed the dishes, did the laundry, and dusted all the furniture!”

    Laura rolled her eyes. She didn’t need a brain to figure out who that voice belonged to.

    Or what it belonged to.
    A woman who was previously concealed in an armchair stood up and walked towards Sophie.

    She had long jet black hair, Caucasian-looking skin, a cute face, and a perfect body.

Of course it has a perfect body Laura thought to herself. Everything about these things is perfect, perfect, perfect.

    The only thing that gave the young “woman” away were her shiny, glowing pink eyes.

    The synth took Sophie’s purse from her with her left hand, and extended her right one towards Laura.

“Hello Laura” she said. “I’m Elle! Sophie’s new personal synthetic human!”

    Elle smiled at Laura while waiting for her to shake her hand, but Laura only squinted back at her.

“How does it know my name?” Laura asked Sophie, keeping her eyes on Elle.

“I downloaded all of your personal information!” Elle answered.

“I scanned all of the social networks on the internet, and stored the data of Sophie’s closest family and friends” she finished, still smiling.

   Laura was extremely alarmed, but shook Elle’s hand anyway, because she didn’t want to offend Sophie.

“Well...I’m going back to work” she said, as she turned towards the door. “Make sure you check up on Catherine”.

“Catherine’s vital signs are all within acceptable parameters!” Elle stated cheerfully.

    Laura wanted to shake her head, but didn’t.

Does this thing always have to blurt everything out? She thought to herself.

    The front door slid open, and Laura stepped out of it, and into the hallway.

It had a glossy black ceiling, glossy white walls, and a glossy red floor.

    It was a pretty classy apartment building,

Laura debated whether or not she should wish her friend a good night, and decided against it because of the current state their relationship was in.

    Instead, she let the door slide shut without her having said anything, and she walked down the hall with the weight of regret on her shoulders.

The End

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