Chapter 1.1

     One by one, the street lamps were starting to activate, The sky was already very dark, and it was getting difficult for Sophie to see where she was going.  

     Sophie pulled out her holophone. “8:15,” she thought. “I’m going to have some explaining to do when I get to work...”.

     It was then that Sophie realized that she didn’t recognize any of the buildings around her.

“If... I get to work” she corrected.

     The redesigned New York City, or New New York as it was called, was set up like a grid. Getting around on foot was supposed to be very easy, as long as you had a vague idea as to wherever it was you were going.

     Fortunately for Sophie, a “vague idea” was exactly what she had right now.

     She knew that the bar was in the upper East side of the city, just past her favorite bakery, Darzi Delights.

“The bakery should be just up ahead” Sophie thought to herself as she wobbled down the street. “My feet are killing me.”

     Surely enough, the bakery was there, and she felt a surge of hope and energy course throughout her body. She felt so good, that she decided not to hold onto any more walls while she walked.

     Frowning in concentration, she kept her eyes fixated on the bakery, making sure that getting past it was the only thing on her mind.

     With her eyes focused on the bakery, she didn’t even notice the sidewalk ending.

     Suddenly, she heard a snapping sound, as the heel of her shoe broke and she was sent falling to the ground.

“Oh no...” Sophie said aloud, with her left leg laying straight out in front of her, and her right leg up, with her hands clutching her knee.

     She was bleeding, and although she couldn’t totally feel the pain because of the anesthetics, she knew it was pretty bad.

     Sophie reached out with one of her hands to grab her purse and drag it closer to where she was sitting, since it was sent flying when she fell down, when seemingly out of nowhere, a strangers shoe stepped on her purse’s strap, moments before her fingers were able to get to it.

     She looked up to see the strangers face, but the bright lights behind them made them impossible to see.

All she could tell is that they were tall.

Very tall.

The End

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