Chapter 1.0

A sci-fi/fantasy story about supernatural abilities, guns, aircraft, love, giant fighting robots, aliens, clones, space travel, babies, death, and fighting!
I would really appreciate feedback on this, as I have big plans for this story!

Chapter 1

Date: June 15th, 3100
Planet: Earth

“It looks like you’re all set, Sophie” said the dentist.

     Sophie Thompson was laying back in her dentist’s chair. She hated it here. Yet there she was, with the bright lights in her face, the anesthetics in her blood, and his hands in her mouth.

    She thought about trying to speak, just to say something to let the dentist know that she had heard what he said, but she just couldn’t do it. The drugs were making her feel loopy, and there were tools in her mouth that would have made her sound funny anyway.

“Totally not worth it” she thought to herself.

    As the dentist finished cleaning her up, and taking the restraints out her mouth, tonight’s reality finally dawned on poor Sophie.

“God dammit” she thought. “I have to to work after this.”.

    Sophie was a barista, which meant that she was going to be on her feet and talking for the majority of the night.

    She slid her feet down to the tile floor, and stood up.

“Whoa, easy there” said the dentist, as he steadied her. He put his hand on her shoulder, because she was leaning forwards, and about to fall.

    High heels and anesthetic drugs definitely weren’t a good pair.

“T-thanks” Sophie mumbled. She was glad that she had paid for her procedure the day before, because right now she couldn’t even remember her phone number, let alone her credit chip's PIN number. She stumbled out of the dentists room, then stumbled back in because she forgot her purse. After that, she crept her way out to the receptionist’s desk, and finally out of the front door.

    The sun was setting, and her dentist's office was located in the heart of New York City. Sophie took a moment to look at all the buildings and vehicles around her, before taking a deep breath and heading to the bar.

    It was going to be a long night.    

The End

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