My Money's On the Big One: Karina, Alive, and Recovering

The first thing Karina felt was a slight pain in her shoulder. Her vision was still a little blurry and her head was heavy. Judging from this she assumed that she had been out for a few days. She forced her self to a sitting position. It was difficult because she was still weak from her sleep. Looking around the room she knew exactly where she was. The table she was lying on the swords hanging on the wall. The neat alignment of medicine and syringes. Yes she was defanatly in Ivan's RV. The good doctor must have helped her once again. Then she remembered waking up. The memory was still hazy, but she remembered seeing him with and amputation tool over her right arm. She felt hastily to make sure she still had it, feeling reassured when she touched it. Karina breathed a sigh of relief. She was glad to still have her arm. Feeling her shoulder where the creature had taking a chunk out of her she felt the stitches lining the place were the wound was. Her left hand was also stitched up as well. Karina slowly started to get of the table pulling the IVs in her left arm out and using the table as a brace to stand up.

"I must have lost a lot of blood to be feeling this weak."

She walked to the back of the RV using the counter as a brace as she walked. When she reached the area where Ivan slept she tore off the blood soaked shirt she was wearing and her mangled bra. She rummaged through his drawers until she found a shirt she liked. It was a stripped button up shirt but she liked the simplicity of it.  She also stripped off her pants and stole a pair of his. She had been wearing the same clothes for about a month. Changing them felt pretty good.

Karina looked around the RV a little more, Ivan was obviously out. She found some food he had in one of the cupboards. She got out a can of beans and used her Tonto to cut off the top witch she bent into a makeshift spoon. She finished the can of beans and started on another one. They weren't much for taste, but they did hit the spot. When Karina was done she had finished three cans of beans. She cleaned up her mess and went to cleaning her tonto and her pistol. About the time she was done cleaning her pistol she heard the door to the RV opening up. Her instincts kicked in immediately. In the blink of an eye she had the pistol reassembled loaded and pointed at the door. Ivan stumbled in carrying a large bag of food and water. Karina smiled and lowered her pistol. He looked her way and sighed.

"I guess I should have figured you would raid my dresser." He closed the door behind him and set the bags down.

Karina ran over and embraced him in a big hug. She was glad to see him again. The fact that he had survived this living hell made her happy, and that wasn't something she usually felt. When she released him he lifted her chin and checked her eyes with his little flashlight.

"Are you feeling nauseous, drowsy, disoriented, or anything out of the ordinary? Sorry if I'm being forward here, but you were bitten in the shoulder and I don't want you to turn."

Karina felt puzzled she didn't know what he meant. " Ivan? What do you mean turned? Do you mean like those creatures I have been killing for this past year?"

Ivan nodded and explained. " Those "Creatures" as you call them are actually infected humans. They feed on flesh and have a tendency to run in packs. They were turned by a virus into these mindless creatures that everyone has been fighting."

Karina nodded understandingly. " So i guess there was a massive outbreak then. That would explain things. Wait! If its an infection why am i still me? I must have been bitten at lease a hundred times or more!" Karina examined her arms worriedly.

Ivan gave a laugh and put his hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry you are fine. You must be immune which is extraordinary because no cases of immunity have ever been found."

Karina sighed in relief then laugh at how silly she must have looked being all worried and everything. It reminded her of the last time She and Ivan had talked When she had giving him that present.

"Oh Ivan. Do you still have the gift i gave you as a going away gift?" Ivan nodded walking to the front of the RV and grabbing the large box that contained the gift she had given him. Karina produces a small Key from a locket around her wrist and gave it to him. I don't want you to open it until tonight.

The End

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