Medals and Mettles: Ivan, Alive and Helping

“What trouble have you gotten yourself in this time?”

I told Karina playfully. I soon realized how pale she was and went into immediate action trying to get her to the safety of my RV. I notice the wound on her hand. To me it seemed to be nothing more than a cut, probably from her radical behavior and need for jumping walls. I wonder humorously to myself which wall she jumped this time. I start thinking that probably some new conscious guards will be needed at one of the walls.

Carrying her to the RV he noticed some scars on her arms that look to be bite marks and a larger wound on her shoulder. He started to worry for her safety and hoped it wasn’t what he already knew to be true. She was bitten by the infected. Ivan had to act quickly in order to save her life. He thought frantically to find a way to save her life as he placed her on the table in the RV.

“Maybe I’m not too late,” I said to myself as I looked for some tools. “Maybe I can amputate the arm and stop the infection from spreading. She will severely cross with me but at least it will save her life.” I grab my carving tool to amputate the arm. As I come close to drawing blood I notice some other scars near her neck. I quickly examine them to be more bite marks. “Wait, this cannot be right. These bite marks are several weeks old. How is this possible?”

Ivan shakes the feeling off and simply suspects them to be from an animal or something. There is no known immunity to the virus. The odds of Karina to be the carrier for the immune genes are simply too low. He gets ready to amputate the arm when Karina wakes up and stops him.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” she yells to me in a stern tone with worried look on her face.

Ivan scowled cursing himself for not putting her under anesthesia first. Then it dawns on him. “Karina what gave you these bites on your arm and shoulder?”

Karina was starting to faint slightly when she laughed. “This feels like the first time we met, remember?”  My mind swirls into memories back to that day when she was on my operating table for the first time.

“Why does a doctor have a collection of swords hanging in his RV?”

Ivan Smiled, “well how does a girl end up with so many bullet wounds in her?”

She looked at me crossly, I just laughed. “Ok, ok I’ll answer first. When I was about your age I was able to skip a few grades and made it to college earlier in life. Since I was so fascinated with swords as a young boy I joined the college’s fencing team and have been collecting them ever since. These are just a few of my favorite swords in my collection I have many, many more at home.” I looked over the swords fondly remembering when I first got them. I shake the thought away turning my attention back to her. “Ok now it’s your turn, what kind of trouble did you get into to get a bunch of bullets in you?”

I come back to reality reminding myself that she was still bleeding out on the table. I look her over to see she has fainted again. I decide to take a chance and pray that she may be immune.

I go to work preparing the necessary antibiotics to fight fever, tetanus and any other infection that may slow her recovery. I notice that her hand is nothing too much to worry about but the wound in her shoulder seems to be infected and bleeding out. I need to stitch up what I can but I need to first remove any and all possible foreign objects. Going hard at work removing what looks to be teeth from her shoulder I notice the bleeder. It’s an artery in her shoulder that has been severed. I grab for some stitching and a magnifying glass to get proper accuracy. After using most of the stitching I have to cauterize the wound for further prevention of possibly more bleeding.  After the Artery is full fixed up I start to close up her shoulder. I look back to her hand and notice that it could use some stitching as well.

“Finally I got her stabilized but she is not out of the woods yet, she needs to recover.” I leave her on the table and wait. Every so often I go to the back room to see if she is OK and change her bandages. She seems to be sleeping now.

The End

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