Medals and Mettles: Karina, Alive & Closing In

Karina had been traveling for at least two weeks. The trip hadn't been easy and the hordes of creatures had slowed her down considerably. She only had two cartridges left for her gun. Karina stepped slowly around the corner of the alley. It was pretty empty no sign of creatures at all. She heard gun shots from off in the distance. Who could that be she thought to herself. Karina crouched and started to move forward she knew she must be getting close to the settlement and suspected that's were the gun shots were coming from. Karina holstered her pistol moving as fast as she could crouched. She rounded one more corner and saw it a wall made of mixed materials and lined with barbed wire at the top.

Karina laughed to herself, "That is quite a sight, but it won't keep me out.

She hid near an over turned car observing the wall and the patterns of the guards. The wall was pretty high at least 6 meters to be exact. She noticed the first guard making his rounds at the top of the wall behind the barbed wire. She observed his posture, the way he was holding his gun, and how he was looking around the perimeter.

"Amature he can't hope to spot any thing the way he is acting. he obviously doesn't have any training what so ever."

Karina observed the wall again noticing that there were pieces of metal sticking out here and there. She smiled knowing this would be easier then she could have ever hoped. She made her move rushing crouched low to the ground avoiding the obvious traps laid out around the area. When she reached the wall she grabbed the neared thing jutting out of it, witch was obviously some kind of sharp metal because it sliced her hand open. The p[an was pretty intense and it had probably cut her deep because it was bleeding pretty heavily.

Karina gritted her teeth she need to ignore the pain and keep going up the wall. It was rough going but she managed when she neared the top of the wall she barely peered over waiting for the guard. When he walked past her she lunged herself over the barbed wire landing behind him striking him in the pressure point in the back of his neck rendering him unconscious. She looked to the residential side of the wall hearing more gunshots. There was only one reason she was here and that was to find Ivan if he was still alive that is. Karina jumped off the wall and continued into the area hoping praying Ivan was here and alive.

The streets near this side of the wall were fairly desolate, but she didn't want to take any chances. She moved silently throughout the area taking cover when she saw anyone. A group of armed people were now heading toward the wall checking houses on the way, Karina ducked into an alley and hide behind some boxes. She didn't want to be seen by any of the guards around here, no telling what kind of trouble they would cause for her. When they passed the alley she ran further in coming to a split in the alley. She took a right and came face to face with a group of those creatures.

"What! What are you doing in a safe zone!"

There were three of them and they looked heavily muscled. The one in the front jumped at her. She had never seen anything like it before she had no idea these creature could jump. Karina dodged to the right just barely but the creature still managed to take a bite out of her shoulder. Karina grabbed her shoulder the pain was intense. She was now surrounded by the creatures, but she didn't want to waist the bullets she had left. They made another mover all of them charging her at once their speed was incredible. Karina reacted as fast as she could whipping out the tonto from its sheath and beheading the one behind her. She turned her attention to the remaining two and swept the legs out from under one while burring the tonto in the others skull. the one she had tripped was on its feet again so she side stepped in and got around behind it breaking its neck with a swift punch to the back of its neck. she must not have severed the brain stem because the creature was flailing around on the ground. Karina moved over to it and swiftly curve stomped its neck severing the brain stem.

She fell to her knees breathing heavily. These were not the same as the creature she had run into on the way here they were faster and stronger. She got to her feet and retrieved her tonto from the skull of the creature she had left it in. She wiped the blood off it and sheathed it. her should was still bleeding and so was her hand, but she ignored that and continued down the alley. When she got to the edge of the alley it opened up into a small parking lot were she saw a familiar looking Vehicle. She walked over to it feeling really tied and stumbling the whole way. She hadn't really had much sleep these past few days and she could finally feel fatigue setting in the last thing she heard was a man speaking to her just before she passed out.

"What trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?"

The End

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