On the north eastern side of the city at an abandoned hospital sits an RV with solar panels on the top to power it, to refrain from the over use of the dwindling supply of gas. Who is the owner of this unique RV? Dr. Ivan, who is in side looking for supplies for his patients in the western side of the city. Dr. Ivan is a Russian American born in America. He has a rugged squared off jaw with a five o’clock shadow and buzz cut hair. His rounded off glasses has a small crack in the left glass. All seems to be quiet to him so he takes a break to count his supplies. With the dwindling light he starts to worry about the oncoming creatures that follow. He finishes with his inventory and heads back the RV.

I pack up my supplies and grab my gear for the walk back to the RV. A noise behind me grabs at my attention. I swing around careful not to drop my bag placing my free hand on the claymore strapped to my back. “Who’s there!?”  A small bird flies off towards the trees. I let out a deep sigh of relief.

“Darn birds are going to be the death of me before the infected.” Turning back around I head back to the RV. Walking thoughts of home and my college days start to flood my mind. I shake them from my mind heading inside the RV.

Placing my supplies down I grab a bottle of formaldehyde to place in the tubing I have set outlining the RV. Working with the CDC I learned a few things about the infected namely that they rely on hearing and smell. I recently found that the formaldehyde has no defining properties except for the fact that the infected don’t interact with it, in other words if I do not draw attention to myself the infected avoid the RV. But I must be careful still; the formaldehyde won’t work if I draw attention to myself. Heading back inside I look about the RV fondly. The driver’s seat is torn with old age, duct tape strips here and there. The hula dancer on the dash is broken from the bumpy roads. I leave the back room for my medical purposes. The couch is my bed. The TV is only there for show now that the stations and satellites are down. My living room cabinets are stocked with everyday necessities while I keep the medical supplies in the back room. I’m done putting the medicine I salvaged away so I walk to the couch in the other room place my claymore back on the sword rack among the other blades. I wouldn’t normal use such weapon in these situations but it gets the job done and I don’t have to rely on ammo.

When did things go so wrong? Moving to the counter I run my hand over a large dusty metal box, not yet opened. It was a gift given to me by Karina. Must have been six or seven months ago.


I turn my head seeing Karina standing at the door to my apartment the door swung wide open. She was wearing average everyday clothes and toting a large suit case. No doubt she is going some were on work.

“Ah Karina and what brings you here today? You’re not shot are you? Broken bones? Ill? I mean honestly in your line of work you should really be more careful. She giggled at me something I don’t usually get to see out of her, it is very rare indeed she must be feeling happy today. In the past few years that I have known her she has come to me for medical aid and advice.

“No I’m not hurt any were don’t worry I just wanted to stop by before I left for the city.”

She walks in the door setting her suite case down by the coat rack. Taking a seat at the table in the living room.

“So what kind of job are you going on this time?”

Karina reclines in her chair looking up at the ceiling a large grin on her face.

“Oh it’s just a stupid hit you don’t really need any of the details do you.”

I give her a stern look. “You know that this line of work isn’t exactly healthy for you not to mention it is illegal.”

She just rolls her eyes at me that silly grin still on her face. “I know you don’t always approve of my work but it’s the only living that I know how to make.”

I let out a deep sigh knowing that fighting with her over the topic was useless. Hell I’m lucky I can even do that with her to most people she is outright cold and closed off to she really has let me in over the short time we have known each other.

“So what has got you in such a good mood today anyway?”

It seems she had been waiting for me to mention this because she got up to her feet and trotted over to the suite case opening it up and taking out a large box. She walked back over and set it down on the table.

 “Do you know what today is, Ivan? It’s the fifth anniversary of the night we met. You know I never said anything to you before but I am glad you saved me if it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t be here and I’m really grateful for that.”

I snap back to reality tears starting in the corners of my eyes. I turn my attention to the driver seat. The infected are outside the RV now I must be careful not let them notice me I turn off the power and quiet down. Closing my eyes I hold onto the hope Karina is still ok. The world goes dark as sleep fades over me.

The End

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