INTRODUCTIONS ARE THE BEST: Karina, Alive & Surviving

Karina was breathing heavy, the creatures were decently fast and persistent. She surveyed her surroundings this alley was not a good place to be. Karina looked back seeing them still after her. There were at least 20 or more, too many to fight alone. She ran forward coming to the street and running into even more creatures. "Blast it all." Karina took a left going down the street and diving through the window of a pub, and crouching at the bar.

"Why do I always get the worst luck?"

And to think she had moved here to assassinate some crime boss. That was like six months ago Before she knew it there was the outbreak and well the rest is pretty easy to figure out. She had been fine held up at her hide out until she got raided by some stupid survivors that decided that raiding other survivors was the best way to survive. They won't be surviving anymore tho.

Karina looked at her arm, the bites when the outbreak happened were just scars now. Those things were hungry and they had a special place in their gullets for human. She knew this all to well.

Rustling in the back of the pub broke her train of thought. Karina put her hand on the gun that was strapped to her leg. It was a Glock G30s. Her ammo was limited she only and three cartridges left not including the one already in the gun. Ten bullets per cartridge and ten left in the gun. That left her with forty bullets.

Karina cursed under her breath taking her hand off the Glock. she couldn't fire it here, not with all the creatures outside. Karina move silently using the bar as cover. She reached for the black 8'' tonato strapped to her side easing it out of its sheath. She had to make sure she killed whatever it was quickly before it made to much noise. Karina swung over the bar planting her foot in its chest. She brought the tonto up cutting its head off clean. It was just one no more creatures seemed to be in the pub. It must have gotten trapped here or something. She flung the blood off her blade putting it back into its sheath. Disgusting, killing had always come easy to her yes but that didn't mean she liked it. But it was the only real thing she knew how to do. Even these creatures seemed to be alive so killing them wasn't very appealing ether.

Memories flooded her mind she was back five years ago. She was bleeding from her right shoulder and and her chest having just completed an assignment for the mafia. Long story short they didn't want to pay her and she had disagreed. It was hard for her clients to take her seriously, well they took her gun seriously enough. Karina walked through the alley feeling very light headed. She fell to her knees is this it all that training for this.

"Are you ok Miss?"

Karina turned her head seeing a man wearing a white lab coat. She started to collapse, but he rushed over and gave her a hand.

"Oh my your bleeding very heavily. Let me help you I'm a doctor."

Before she could protest he was picking her up and carrying her through the alley to a large RV. He took her in side and laid her on a table examining her chest and shoulder.

"It seems these are bullet wounds." He put on some white gloves and reached for some utensils. "This is going to hurt."

Hot pain went through her system as he dug the utensils into her shoulder a solid metal clank sounded. He went to work on her chest which seemed to take forever three more clanks later he was done and bandaging the wounds.

"You need rest and fluids now. Don't stress yourself out and try not to move around to much you don't need to reopen these wounds."

Karina sat up slowly and took a look around the RV. It was set up pretty nicely almost like a hospital on wheels. Karina's eyes drifted over to the wall noticing a collection of swords mounted there.

"The name's Ivan by the way."

Karina sighed, "Thank you Doctor Ivan, it seems I'm in your debt now. My name is Karina Levoski."

Ivan let out a small laugh, "that is a very nice name you have there. German if I'm not mistaken right? In any case my full name is Ivan Rin Roshkavitch, I'm of Russian descent."

Karina smiled something she hadn't done in along time. "So, Dr. Ivan what kind of doctor has a collection of swords hanging on their wall?"

Ivan let out another hearty laugh, "what kinda of girl walks around with four bullets in her?"

Karina liked this, she hadn't really talked with another human being in a long time.

One of the windows in the front of the building broke. Karina was back in the pub fully aware that they had found her. Karina sprinted to the back of the bar finding an emergency exit and opening it slamming it behind her.

"I hope Ivan is ok. Maybe I'll find him in the western settlement of the city."

Karina ran on making her way to the west side of the city.

The End

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