Ghost In My Mind

We have never known about a ghost really exists around human-beings. Meeting a ghost in our dream, usually we can call that, "nightmare". People, who have experienced to meet some ghosts, all say these happenings can occur to anyone. Now, I am going to talk about my personal experience which can give you chills. DON'T TURN AROUND WHEN YOU READ THIS STORY!

This real story traces back to 9 years ago. I was a 14 year old child, so I had  trouble sleeping alone. (Actually, I was scared to sleep by myself in my room.) The day, I had a ghost, I was trying  to sleep alone because my parents had told me to. I opened the door so that my parents could sing a lullaby for me. After few minutes, all was so quiet there. While I was sleeping poorly, I could feel that the grey came to me from the end of my feet, I think the colour was all black. Finally, he covered my body. That time, I couldn't move and shout, but I could see the sight in front of me. It was such a horrible situation. I turned my head to the side, and I found something next to me. I don't know what it was exactly, but the certain thing was that I heard the sound from them. I guess that was 3 heads, not with bodies. They called me "Sister" and kept trying to come up to me. I struggled to escape from this crazy situation, but the 3 let out a scornful laugh. I had a fit of a feeling of extreme insecurity . I struggled again and again, and finally I could escape from them. It was really scary and I couldn't forget the fear of that time. I don't think that was just a nightmare, that day, I had seen a ghost for the first time.

The End

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