The dream

"Sir.....sir wake up.....SIR wake up" the estate agent was trying to wake Simon up who was passed out in the attic, his nose was bleeding and he had a lump the size of a golf ball on his forehead.

Simon woke up with a scream,

" were dead! she...she killed you" Simon was so scared he had a wild look an his face.

The estae agent looked at him as though he had grown another head and stepped back from him a few steps.

"As you can see i am alive and kicking and what are you  talking about?"

"Katy the....the ghost she morphed into you and..and  killed you! Oh i think i am going mad" Simon could not figure it out it felt so real, he looked around the attic and could not see Katy, he felt her though, just could not see her. He wondered what she had done to him and why suddenly he couldn't see her anymore.

"Sir I think you just fell in the earthquake we had and hit your head, there is no such things as ghosts and I think we should see to your nose as it is bleeding!"

"yes, yes alright" he turned to go and he was sure he heard her giggle but when he looked behind him to where he heard her she was not there.

The End

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