The death

"you're is you isnt it, you're so different, so old! But you're back. I have been so sad, so sad witout you since you left, how long were you gone?it seemed like forever!" Katy was jumping up and down like a little jumping bean, he thought he had never seen Katy so happy.

"25years Katy" Even though Katy was probably 'older' then him because she was now a ghost she was very much still a little lost girl.

"25 years oh my god thats like so long, i have had no one to talk to since you have been gone, some families came but never to the attic unless they were putting stuff up here, though i think they heard me playing sometimes, i used to play I Spy to see if i could see you."

Then a very strange thing happened, the house began to shake gently at first then harder and harder and Katy began to shout.

"You left me, you left all on my own i had no one, I had no friends. Why are you back why? to leave me again? everyone leaves me" she fell in to a lump on the floor like a little rag doll and started crying, thats when he noticed red seeping in to her dress,

"Katy whats that? It looks like you are bleeding...but you cant? can you"

"Katy looked at him the then the blood, looked back at him and whispered "no, please mum no" then let out a scream so filled with hurt and anger that it had brought up goosepimples up on his arm. The scream lasted fo 3 minutes, thats when the estate agent came up the attic stairs and told him it was time to leave.

Katy looked at the estate agent and ran toward him, she morphed into his body. He started to convulse so violently he had started to  foam at the mouth and fell to the floor like a stone dropped into a lake.

He went over to Danny and realised  Danny was dead.

"Katy what have you done? you're not the same girl! what happened to you?" He was scared, he was so  scared he had wet himself like a little baby. It trickled down his leg he could feel the heat of it.

Katy morphed out of Danny's body and said in a voice he did not recognise as it was filled with evil and hatred,

"You left me, you made me angry and now all i know is anger but you are not leaving me again, ever! I wont let you. you are mine"

He tried to run down the stairs but the attic door slammed straight into his face and knocked him out cold.

Katy sat down beside him.

"I'm so sorry, I didnt realise I had so much power, cool right anyway now you're back we can play again, ohh I know i will tell whats happened since you have been away, this family................"

Katy told her story as if nothing had happened, and even though there was a dead body in the room and her best friend on the floor out cold she still told her story untill the very last fragments of her death had left her. She hated that, she only ever got bits it was like a puzzle and it frightened her to be on her own, it had been getting worse since he had left her and it made her so angry. She didnt know that if she had not tried to block the images and she just remembered what happened she would be able to move on. But what child would want to remember a nasty mother stabbing them to death.

But she also had a secret one she was dying to tell him but it would have to wait till he was awake, she liked telling secrets because she knew  he had an awful secret to. she could see evil and he was marked.

The End

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