Katy's story is a sad and violent one. She was only seven when she was murdered.

But first, When Katy was first born her parents were so happy. Her parents were a Mrs Jane Ella Jones and a Mr Edward Michael Jones.

They were childhood sweethearts, they lived next door to each other all their lives, they were also homecoming King and Queen. Their lives were joined like tight peices of twine twisted together, both thinking it would never unravel. They were wrong it did.

It happened when Katy was only 6months old, her father had gone out to buy some baby food. He said goodbye to his wife and told her he loved her, they always made sure they told each other how they felt as often as they could, just incase. He kissed Katy on the forehead and left.

On the way to the shop he was killed by a drunk driver, the driver was a Mr Will Macy. He felt a thud and thought he had hit the curb so drove off, never realising that he had just killed a man. Later on in the week, Will read in the newspaper what had happened and in a moment of clarity (as he was an alcoholic) he realised waht he had done. He had felt so ashamed he commited suicide.

As you would expect Jane was distraught and as she had no one to blame, she started taking it out on Katy. Her once loving mum now a monster.

First she just used to ignore Katy when she was crying and forgot to feed her (alot) she would always shout at her and as a result Katy grew up as a very quiet, malnourished little girl. You never saw her smile and her eyes were older then her years as her childhood was full of beatings and starvation.

One day her mother decided she could take no more, she had never sent her to school and she knew no one would miss her as Janes and Edwards Parents had died years ago. She woke up Katy by grabbing a fist full of hair and dragged her to the kitchen where she proceeded to stab katy over and over again. She stabbed her over 101 times. When she was finished Jane picked up her gun and killed herself and went straight to hell.

Katy was now a ghost because she cannot not remember why she had died therefore she can not cross over. the only way for her to cross over is if someone helps her unlock her past.

The End

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