Ghost Dance chapter six: Maiden, Mother, and CroneMature

Chapter Six—Maiden, Mother, and Crone


The turmoil of Linda’s dreams had kept her from sleep that night and she hadn’t wanted to come to school, but her mother had insisted.  As she walked through the door and into the long hallway, she knew in the back of her mind that today was probably going to get a lot worse before it got better.

She would not be disappointed.

As soon as she walked through the door, she saw the usual group of goblins waiting for her.  She tried to skirt around them, but the largest—presumably the leader—stepped into her path and grinned down at her.  “Hey, Honey,” he said, “how come you don’t wanna talk to us?”

Linda jogged right and kept walking, ignoring them.  One slapped her on the behind and another tried to grab one of her breasts; she pretended not to notice, suffering these indignities with a stoic grace that was uncharacteristic of the Scots-Irish.

She jogged even farther right, nearly brushing the wall, so as to not be physically confronted by the cowardice of curs that gathered in wait for her.  She pretended not to notice their jibes.

“. . . has got to be, like, a lesbian.”

“Like, I know, right?  Look at that hair.”

“Look at those boots.”

Linda sighed.  Yes, this day was going to get a lot worse before it started getting better.



It was fourth period:  World History.   The teacher pointed and nodded at Linda, who had her hand raised.

“May I go to the bathroom?”, she asked.

The teacher nodded.  “Go with haste, Miss Kilgore.  And remember the last mistake of Spartacus:  Come straight back, with no unnecessary detours.”

Linda smiled amiably and got up to leave.  She hesitated for a moment, picked up her courier bag, shouldered it:  Something told her she might need to take it with her.  She walked briskly out of the classroom and down the hall toward the restrooms.  Her heart sank when she saw what was waiting for her.

The goblins, all six of them, were loitering in front of the boys’ restroom.  They didn’t see her, she still had time to turn around and take a longer walk to the restroom by the cafeteria, but something inside of her—the same something that had told her to take her booksack with her—told her that today was the day to stand or fall.  As she gathered up the steel that was in her heart and made her boots carry her foreward toward confrontation—destiny—wyrd--, a phrase occurred to her; it was something she’d heard in history class, something that Plains Indian braves would say before going into battle:  I have lived a good life, and today is a good day to die.

As she approached the group, the leader stepped into her path and said, “Where ya goin’, honey?”

She jogged to the left, trying to avoid him.  A goblin standing behind her thrust his hands under her arms and honked her breasts.  She spun around, raised the middle finger of her right hand, slapped her right elbow against her left palm:  Double fuck you.  The goblins laughed.

“Didja see that, boys?”, one of them asked.

“Looked like consent to me.”

Another goblin tried to stick his hand down the back of her jeans.  She spun around and punched him squarely on the nose.  He stumbled back shouting with blood streaming down his face.

“She hit me!  Bitch broke my nose!”

Three of the goblins grabbed her and hauled her into the boys’ restroom.  When they were well inside, the leader punched her hard in the stomach; she sank to her knees with a groan.

Two of the goblins followed her down and restrained her arms.  A third crouched down, reached under her arms, grabbed her breasts, and gave each of the teacups a hard, thorough, bruising squeeze.  “Girl’s got some nice tits on ‘er.  Good an’ firm.”

“Yeah, if you can find ‘em.”

They all laughed.  The leader hunkered down so that he was at eye-level with Linda.  He said, “Alright, here’s what’s gonna happen:  First, I’ma open my fly, and what I put in yer mouth, you swallow.  Next, you swallow Johnny’s; you knocked ‘im a good one while he was just tryin’ to be friendly, so I think you owe ‘im.  After that, we’re gonna drag you into the stall, bend you over one of them toilets, pull down them pretty red panties, and see if you’re a natural black.  Got me?”

Linda glared at him, said: “Whatever you put in my mouth isn’t coming back out.”

One of the goblins reached into his pocket and pulled out a long, brown object that looked a bit like an elongated cigarette lighter.  He pressed a button near the end of it and a razor-sharp cold steel blade popped out.  He pressed it to her neck.  The leader looked at Linda the way a wayfarer with a shillelagh might look at a threatening stray dog and said, “Listen here, girl:  If I give the word, Ed here’ll bleed you like a stuck pig.  None of us care what happens to you, ‘cause yer just a nigger.  Yer daddy’s a red-skinned nigger, and yer momma’s a Mickey Finn; my daddy says that Mickey Finns ain’t nuthin’ but God’s white niggers.  You’re less than a dog to us.  Try any shit like that, and you’ll die.”

Linda felt panic rising up in her belly, fought it down.  Thinking quickly, she came up with a desperate plan that just might work.  She added a touch of indignation to her voice and said, “Wait a minute, now!  How come they’re the only ones who get sucked off?  And how come they get to get sucked off and fuck me?”  She nodded at the leader.  “I bet he gets the first poke at me, too.  How is that fair?”

The leader, seeing through her plan, rose to his full height and started to unzip his pants, but she could feel the knife leave her throat.  As soon as she was sure it was gone, she moved as swiftly as a hunting-hawk, lunging foreward and planting the top of her head firmly into his crotch.  It struck with all of her weight behind it, and she could feel that something long and firm had been forced to give ground.  He gave a blood-curdling yell and started to fall backwards.  The goblins holding Linda’s arms, fighting the instinct to rush to their leader’s aid, unconsciously loosened their grip.  Linda bolted, grabbing her courier bag from where they’d thrown it on the floor as she ran.  One of the goblins hooked her in the eye as she bolted out of the door, but other than that shiner and the bruise on her stomach she got out of the ordeal none the worse for wear, and—she hoped--the goblins would certainly think twice about antagonizing her again.

With white-hot adrenaline pumping through her veins, she kept running even after she was far from the restroom, even after the bell to change classes rang and people started filing into the halls.  The object in motion only came to rest when it slammed headlong into an immovable object.

Linda and the poor soul she’d barreled into both went sprawling onto the floor.  She apologized profusely and helped him to his feet before looking to see who it was.

It was Frank.


He looked concerned.  “Linda, are you alright?  What happened to your eye?”

She put her hands on his shoulders.  “Frank, I want to go home.”  She didn’t know why she’d said that, but that feeling inside of her seemed to want her to.  It also compelled her to add, “Come with me.”


“I’m taking the rest of today off, and I want you to come with me.”

“We can’t just leave.”

“No, Frank, you mean we may not leave.  We’re not supposed to leave, but we can leave whenever we damn well please.  It’s not like anybody’s going to try to stop us.”

They left.  Nobody tried to stop them.  Linda thought this detour to be very, very necessary.



Linda led Frank out of the school and a mile or so down the street to where the Kilgore house stood at the edge of the empty forest.  She opened the big oak door and pulled Frank inside, down the hall, to her parents’ bedroom, where she sat him down on the big king-size bed.  She sat down in his lap and pulled him down so that they lay together spooning.

“Linda,” said Frank, “um, what are you doing?”

“Frank, shush.  You’ll ruin the moment.”  She snuggled against his protruding gut and said, “Is there anything you’d like to tell me, Ace?”

She felt Franks  guts twist into a knot.  “Ah, no.  No, I um, there’s, uh . . . No, I can’t think of anything.”

“Fuck you, Frank.”

“What was that for?”

Linda rolled off of the bed and stood up.  Frank sat up and looked into her eyes, which glared down at him like jellied fire.  “Because you’re a fucking coward!  No, that’s not right; you’re not a coward, you’re just clueless!  Fucking clueless!  You’re too dense to see what’s right the fuck in front of you!”  She put her hands on his shoulders.  “Frank, I’m going to ask you again, and think very carefully because this could be the your last chance:  Is there anything that you would like to tell me?”

Frank gulped, trying to loosen the knot in his gut so that he could draw the steel out of it.  He looked Linda in the eyes and said, “I love you.”

“What was that, Frank?”

The fog lifted from Frank’s vision and he saw how foolish and how clueless he had been.  He laughed and said, “I love you, Linda.  You’re amazing, and I love you.  I—“

Linda crouched, leaned back, and sprang, slamming into Frank and planting a wet, excited kiss on his lips.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and said, with tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks in rivers, “I love you, too, Frank.  I love you so much.”  She put her mouth to his ear and whispered in a husky voice, “My parents aren’t going to be home until Sunday.  I’m going to be home alone all weekend.  It kills me to cut short our special moment, but we’re probably never going to get another chance like this one.”

“Do you mean you want to . . . With me?”

She buried her head in his husky stomach and said, “Yeah, you big dumb teddy bear.  With you.  Only ever you.”



Adam delved and Eve span.   Pleasure mingled with pain as her maidenhead was sundered and as walls of flesh that had been growing together for sixteen years were forced apart.  Gasping, kissing, vergnugen, orgasm, a sticky mass burning pleasantly in her belly and dribbling down her thigh.  A few moments’ rest, talking, cuddling, and they were at it again, over and over until long after the sun had sunk below the western hills.

Frank tried to pick himself up for one last go, but found he couldn’t even roll himself over, let alone support his full weight with his arms.  Linda, seeing that the exclamation point of flesh rising between his legs was weary but not yet vanquished, tried to mount him herself, but found that she didn’t have the energy either.  Frank drew in a tired breath and said, “I guess we’re done for today.”

Linda said her concurrence and added, “That was great, Ace.  Was it good for you?”

So good.  Your first time?”

“Yeah.  And barring that time we all went skinny-dipping, the first time I ever saw a guy with his pants off.  Yours too, right?”

“Yeah.”  He reached over and took her hand.  “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Frank.  I love you, too.”

Together, they drifted off to sleep.



Sitting introspectively inside of his prison, Ol’ Scratch laughed.

He loved it when a plan came together.

The End

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