David sat beside the bed and held Emily's hand. He had dealt with so much today. What he was hearing from his beloved Emily made his head swim! What she was saying made sense considering the dire situation in the operating room. Emily spoke as though she had really seen his dad. She still didn't know that by the time Emily was in delivery, his dad was already... dead!

"What kind of things did he tell you darling?" David's throat closed up and he almost croaked out the words.

He was having a hard time dealing with what she was saying, but he absolutely believed that Emily had seen his father, or at least thought she had. Maybe it was a dream.

"Well, he said he wanted us to name the baby after your biological father Daniel Cassidy, because he gave you life. He wants us to move into your parents' house so that Mama Estelle can help with the baby."

A thought occurred to David when he heard the name, he recognized it.

"Did he say if he meant Daniel Cassidy the Ottawa Rough rider?"

"I don't know, he just said that David Cassidy was your biological father. He was a football player, but he's dead now. Then papa Mark said that he had to go, but he would love us forever. The next thing I knew, I was in recovery."

Estelle walked to the other side of the bed put her hand gently on Emily's arm, above the place where the IV needle went in.

"Can you remember anything else about him Emily? How did he look? Did he look ill.. or unhappy, or... anything?" She asked anxiously.

Emily furrowed her brows thoughtfully as she answered.

"Hmmm...actually, he looked better than he has since the weddings in the summer. He seemed content enough, but kind of in a hurry, like he had some place to be, but he had some stuff to tell me first."

"Can you remember anything else Emily?" Estelle leaned forward so as not to miss a word.

"Well, he was in the operating room with me, but he wasn't wearing a surgical mask or scrubs. I was probably just dreaming, but it seemed incredibly real. Did you bring papa Mark to the hospital room with you mama Estelle?"

David reached over and took the baby from Emily, and gazed with loving wonder at his sleeping newborn. He changed the subject temporarily to give Estelle a chance to deal with the question.

"He sure is big. the doctor said ten pounds, two ounces. Biggest baby he ever delivered. Mama, why don't you sit here? i think it should be you to tell Emily what's going on."

David got up and walked around the room a little with the baby. Estelle took his place and took Emily's hands in her own.

"I know that you loved Mark dearly, and I know that you will miss him as much as we do. I have some very sad news. Mark passed away sometime during the night. I only discovered it when your mom called to tell us that you were in labour."

Mark's death was just beginning to sink in, and the tears rolled freely down Estelle's face.

Emily pulled her hands away from Estelle's and buried her face in them.

"Oh it can't be, I just saw him. Oh no...!"

Emily burst into tears as Estelle held her, as they both dealt with their grief. David snuggled his son to his chest and wept silent tears of deep pain. After awhile, Estelle tried to get some answers to a difficult question.

"Did the doctor tell you what happened during delivery Emily?" Estelle asked gently.

"No, I haven't seen the doctor yet. The nurse was here when I woke up. She checked all my vital signs, then I asked to See my son. She seemed surprised that I knew the baby was a boy."

As Emily talked, Estelle held her arms up to David, indicating that she wanted to hold the baby. David gave him to her as he spoke.

"The doctor came to see me while you were still in surgery. He told me about the umbilical cord, and the hemorrhaging. He told me that it was only possible to save one of you, and I chose you, darling. i didn't know until you told me that they had to give you a hysterectomy."

David pulled a chair up beside Estelle, who was rocking the baby.

"Then the doctor said that the strangest thing happened. Your body relaxed, the cord fell away, and the baby was safely delivered. They had to hustle to stop the bleeding, but they managed to save both of you."

"No one told me any of this. I only know that I saw papa Mark as clearly as I see you. I spoke to him, he spoke to me. If he had already passed away when I went into labour, what I saw must have been his spirit."

"After everything that you told me, and everything the doctor told us, I've come to the same conclusion you just did. His soul would never be able to rest, if he hadn't at least tried to save his great grandson. He was able to say his final goodbyes, and tell us how much he loved us. That is exactly what Mark would do Emily. That's why I think it really was Mark's spirit you saw."

David picked up one of Emily's hands and held it.

"I believe it too. I'm going to miss dad terribly, but I'm going to rest a little easier knowing that his spirit is out there somewhere. He's probably watching us right now from whatever layer of existence that he's gone on to."



The End

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