Emily sat up in the bed, propped up by pillows. she held her son and hummed as she rocked him in her arms. The baby slept peacefully. Emily looked up and smiled when David and Estelle entered the room.

"Hi honey, hi mama Estelle. Isn''t he beautiful? Papa Mark wants to call him Daniel Barry Larson, and I agree. What do you think, David?"

David's mouth gaped open in shock.

"PP..papa Mark, you mean Dad? When did you see him?"

Emily's brow furrowed in thought.

"Oh... um.. just...before...I guess.." She began, vaguely.

"He was in the operating room, I think...Yes, he must have been. He told me the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck, and the doctor couldn't save both of us. You chose me. Papa Mark said that you thought we would be able to have other children, but we won't."

David is visibly shaken, he gasped, terribly upset.

"We won't, why not?"

"There was so much damage done by Danny's little feet, kicking in an attempt to survive, that they had to do an hysterectomy."

David sat by the bed and placed one hand on the baby's blanketed head. He looked down at his brand new son in wonder. He shook his head trying to wrap his mind around this newest revelation.

"I..I didn't even know that myself. I talked to the doctor for a few minutes about the delivery, but he seemed distracted. It was like he was trying to process something that was just too hard to believe."

Estelle was also in shock.

"Do you think you might have been dreaming, Emily? I don't think they would let anybody non medical  into an operation in progress."

"I suppose not, but I saw him.He reached right into my body where the surgeon had opened me up. Papa Mark told me to relax every fibre of my being, or something like that. Anyway, he reached in and moved the cord away from Danny's neck. Then he told me some things..."

The End

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