Two years later in mid August, 1974, The Maxwell lawn and arbour was again set up for a wedding. This time though, there were two couples getting married under the climbing rose trellis. Again there was a red carpet laid down between the two sections of white wedding chairs on the lawn.

Again, the same flower girl and ring bearer walked down the aisle as Estelle played the Maxwells' upright piano on the patio. There was a minister for Kyle and Judy, and a priest stood aside behind the trellis, as he waited for his turn to marry Stuart and Joanie.

David stood beside Kyle as his best man, and Judy's sister Sylvia walked down the aisle in a beautiful long peach print floral gown. She was Judy's maid of honour. Judy wore her mother's wedding dress. It was a full skirted white satin gown with inlaid lace on the bodice and sleeves. It was very reminiscent of the early 1950's, when Judy's mother married her father.

The minster conducted the ceremony as Kyle and Judy said their vows. When they finished, The minister pronounced them man and wife. They kissed passionately, then walked back down the aisle of crossed swords held by their fellow officers.

They went back to the patio to stand by the piano as the flower girl and ring bearer walked down the red carpet for Joanie and Stuart. Stuart's brother Sam stood up as his best man. A very pregnant Emily walked down the carpet to take her place as Joanie's matron of honour.

Joanie walked down the aisle toward Stuart in the her grandmother's wedding dress. It was the same dress that Emily had worn two years earlier at her wedding. The priest married them in a full catholic ceremony, then they were pronounced man and wife.

After kissing passionately, they walked down the aisle of crossed swords, just as Kyle and Judy had just done. The two couples walked side beside across the road to the Larson back lawn where the wedding tent was set up.

The two couples get settled at the head table. Emily had a little trouble getting comfortable on the small wedding chair. Joanie noticed it.

"Are you alright Em? you look flushed, uncomfortable. How's the baby? "

"Don't worry about me Jo Jo, I'm not due for another six weeks. . I had no idea I would be pregnant a year ago when we started planning your wedding. I can't imagine what the pictures will look like, I feel like a beached whale!"

"You look beautiful, as always, Em. I'm going to miss having you nearby. Stuart has to finish his forensics courses. Until he does, we have to live in that apartment in Ottawa. It's not so bad, but I'm used to all this!"

Joanie spread her arms wide to indicate the wide open space of her childhood home. Kyle's wedding party joined them.

David went to stand behind his wife's chair.

"How are you feeling, darling?"

"I'm fine, honey. This little guy is kicking,that's all. Mama Estelle says that you were over nine pounds when you were born.I'll bet anything this one is going to be over ten pounds!"

Mark Larson attended the double wedding ceremony, but as soon as it was over, Estelle left her place at the piano to take her husband back to their house across the road. He didn't stay for the reception in his own back yard, he had become too weak to stay out of bed for very long at a stretch. Every one knew what an effort he had made just to be at the ceremony. Joanie and Judy each kissed him affectionately on the cheek, and thanked him for coming to the wedding. 

The End

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