Preparing for University

In early September of 1971, Emily and Joanie made several trips from the house to the car, with armfuls of books and suitcases.

Emily had chosen to take accounting courses at The University of Ottawa. David teased her about becoming a bean counter. Emily had inherited all her math and science skills from her father. He was now a senior detective for the RCMP.

Joanie inherited her artistic skills from her mother, who wrote an entertainment column for the Ottawa citizen. Joanie had decided to take advanced Theatre Arts courses at the University of Ottawa. 

Both girls had applied to The University of Ottawa in the spring, and they had gotten  their acceptance papers in July. Joanie had intended to take art classes, but in the summer, Stuart took her to some live plays at The National Arts Centre. She fell in love with the theatre.

Joanie really blossomed that summer under Stuart's tutelage. She was still a little shy, but she was no longer the wallflower. Now that Emily was going steady with David, she spent every spare moment she could, with him.

Now that they were actually leaving home for the first time, Emily was having reservations. She was usually the first one to try something new, take any challenge. Now that she and David were together, she had become less enthused about going away.

"I don't know why we're going to live in the dorms. We only live seven miles away, we could commute.' Emily griped

"You know perfectly well why, Em. Neither one of us has a driver's licence.. or a car. It's cheaper to live in the dorms than to buy even a used car. Also, our schedules are all over the map. If we weren't sharing the same dorm room, we'd never see each other at all. Dad or Kyle will come to get us on the weekends."

"I know, but David's shifts are changing. He'll be working a lot of the time that I'm not in class, and he's off when I've got classes. If you throw in all the study time I'll need, I may not see him much till Thanksgiving!"

"I know, that sucks. I won't be able to see Stuart much either. He's in forensics now, so he at least gets weekends off for now. I think I'll just be living for the weekends this semester."

"You've been seeing a lot of Stuart this summer. Both of you seem to be coming out of your shy shells. I'm so glad that you found each other. You seem to be the perfect match."

"I think so too. He sure is a lot better choice than Jeff Pike!"

Barry came out of the house with a portable typewriter, and Colleen followed with a large laundry basket.

"If there isn't room in the trunk for this basket, you'll have to put it between you in the back seat." Colleen said as she approached the car.

The girls were already seated, so she handed the basket in to them. Barry handed in the typewriter in to Joanie, who put it on the floor. Barry took the driver's seat, and Colleen got in beside him.

Even though the girls were only going to be seven miles away, Colleen was beginning to feel a little bit of the empty nest syndrome. Kyle still lived at home, but he wasn't there much. When he wasn't working, he was with Judy. Even though they worked together, he just couldn't get enough of her, apparently.

The End

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