Emily and Joanie rushed to the stairs to see the ring. They knew that their brother was going to pop the question at some point, but they didn't know the how or the where of it.

When he asked his mom to have Judy come down last, Emily expected something was up, but she wasn't sure what it was. When she saw her dad give Kyle a congratulatory slap on the back before Judy's arrival, Emily guessed what was going on.

She told Joanie in the living room, just before they went up to get dressed. David, Judy and Stuart hadn't arrived yet. Joanie squealed with delight, and ran into the kitchen where Kyle was talking to her parents.

"I'm so glad for you!"

Joanie threw her arms around his neck and gave him a quick hug.

"I just can't keep a secret from you two, can I?"

 Kyle pretended to grumble.

"Don't you dare breathe a word to her!"

"We won't!" Both girls promised at once.

When Judy arrived, the girls whisked her up the stairs before she even got a chance to see Kyle.

After everyone had come downstairs, and Kyle had given Judy the ring, Colleen and Barry took as many pictures as they could get away with. The three couples finally left for the prom. The guys had rented a limousine and driver for the night, and it was waiting for them at the curb.

When they arrived at the school Gym, Judy immediately went looking for her parents, as she dragged Kyle with her . Her dad was the school principal, and he was there with her mother as chaperones. When she found them, she held out her hand for her mom to see the ring. Judy and her mother hugged, and her father shook hands with kyle. Judy just couldn't help jumping up and down, while she all but squealed with excitement.!

After the dancing began, David pulled Emily out the gym doors to the landscaped lawn. He put his arm around her as he walked her toward the football field. David stopped just before they reached it and pulled Emily into his arms.

"I think you know how I feel about you Em. but I was waiting till you were eighteen to tell you. I've decided that I want you to know now. I love you. I suppose I always have, but I couldn't tell you because you're too young."

David took a small box out of his pocket.

"I was going to give you this for your birthday, but I want you to have it now. It's a promise to be monogamous, to only date each other. I guess I'm asking you to go steady."

Emily held out her hand, as she held back the tears.

"I love you too, David, more than I could ever imagine. I guess I've never made it any secret. I've always believed that for every one, there is another one. You are my one, my only, forever. Of course I want to go steady with you!

David took her hand, and put a beautiful yellow topaz on her ring finger. It was the November birthstone, and it was a perfect fit. They hugged and kissed for a little while, then went back to the prom.

The End

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