The next Saturday, Joanie and Emily stood by the patio table holding several records. A portable record player sat on the table.

"I thought you were enjoying giving David dancing lessons all week. Why did you ask me to have Stuart meet us here today?"

Joanie asked in a troubled voice.

" I have enjoyed teaching David. I taught him the Mashed Potato, the Swim, the Bugaloo, the Frug, the Twist, and even the Bunny Hop."

"The Twist and the Bunny Hop? Those are from the 1950's. This is 1971."

"I know, but the DJ always throws in a few old ones for the chaperones. Anyway, don't change the subject. I wanted you to meet Stuart before the prom. You've talked to him on the phone all week, but you still haven't met him. If you're going to spend the whole evening in the man's arms dancing, you should get to know him a little bit."

"I guess it's a good idea, but what if he doesn't like me and he calls it off?"

Joanie said nervously, chewing her thumbnail.

"Then I'll strangle him with my bare hands just for being chronically stupid!"

The girls laughed and put a record on the record player. David came out on the deck through the back door.

"I heard what you just said, Joanie. Stuart thinks like you do. He was concerned that you might call it off. The only difference is that I didn't offer to strangle you!"

David laughed. Kyle and Judy crossed the lawn and climbed the steps to join the others.

"Hi you guys. Didn't you and Kyle work the night shift Judy?"

Emily said with surprise.

"Yeah, we just got off work, but Kyle said there was going to be a dance party this morning, and I thought it might be a good way to unwind. We met Stuart just getting out of his car."

"It's not going to be much of a party without food, unless you count coffee and waffles. It's the only thing I know how to make, and mom is out grocery shopping." David remarked.

Stuart climbed the steps carrying a square white box.

"I brought muffins, does that count as party food?"

Emily takes the box and puts it on the table.

"Joanie and I don't really know you, but we like you already."

Stuart opens the box and everyone digs in. Judy leaned against the railing, munching a blueberry muffin.

"Kyle and I are going to the prom as chaperones.

I know I'm only 19, but that's technically an adult. At least that's the way my dad sees it. He's the principal at the high school, so he roped me into it. I think he feels bad that I missed my own prom two years ago. I was in the hospital getting my appendix out."

"So the one junior Larson, and the three junior Maxwells and the principal's daughter are going to be at the 1971 graduation prom. That ought to be interesting to say the least."

Joanie grinned happily.



The End

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