The girls were up in their room several hours later, Joanie was anxiously pacing the room.

"Joanie, will you roost somewhere? Kyle will get here when he gets
here. It's not even midnight. It's still early for a Saturday night. If anything had happened, the police would have called here immediately."

They heard the screen door slam, and the loud, raucous voices of the two guys. Emily had been modelling her new prom dress, but she changed back into jeans because she didn't want David to see it before the dance.

They went downstairs to find David and Kyle in the kitchen, making a pot of coffee. It was obvious that Kyle had been drinking.. a lot. He was sprawled in a chair, sporting one swollen eye, and a bandage over the other one. Emily inspected the damage, went over to the freezer and got a cold pack. She handed it to Kyle. Joanie has set four mugs on the counter, waiting for the coffee to perk

"you won't need that fourth mug. It's not going to do him any good, and I doubt if he'll be able to keep it down anyway." David remarked.

"Won't it help sober him up?" she glanced over at David from the counter.

"No, only time and sleep will do

Kyle slid off the chair and onto the floor, as David spoke. He sat with his head against the chair leg, snoring loudly. David and Emily ran to Kyle and helped him into the living room. They settled him onto the couch. Joanie went to get some first aid supplies. The hastily applied band aid over his eye had fallen off.

"How come you let Kyle get all drunked up, and apparently all beat up as well? I can understand if it was a barroom brawl, but you
seem to have escaped unscathed."

Emily fumed at David as they returned to the kitchen.

"Kyle wanted me to stay out of it. It was his idea to get all drunked up and start a fight with Jeff. It was the only way of getting justice for Joanie for the attempted rape. There was nothing we could do legally. Her word against his."

Retching sounds, slurred threats and a short howl of pain can be heard from the other room. A startled female squeal
and running footsteps to the downstairs bathroom is also clearly audible in the kitchen.

"Poor Joanie. Unless I'm badly mistaken, Kyle puked on her." David laughed

Loud snores and footsteps running up the stairs issue forth from the living room.

"It's a good thing my parents are away in
Peterborough this weekend, or mom would not be a happy camper. Dad would probably
laugh it off, because I've heard some stories of his misspent youth."

Emily sits at the table with David.

"Is Jeff's dead body in the trunk of your car? do we have to bury his body somewhere, or better yet, burn it?"

Emily said conversationally, unconcerned over Jeff's possible fate.

"wha....? Ha ahahah ahahha! (cough cough)

"Who do you think we are.. Bonnie and Clyde? Remind me to take you along the next time I plan a murder! I'll tell you everything as soon as Joanie comes down. I'm not going to tell the whole thing  twice!"

Joanie enters with a towel around her hair, wearing a fresh outfit.

"How's our drunken idiot doing?" Emily asked her.

"He's fine. He's sleeping it off. I treated his wounds. He has one black eye and a reasonably deep cut under the other one.  The ice
pack helped. He asked for Aspirin so I gave it to him with water, not that it did him any good. He spewed it right back at me."

Joanie said disgustedly.

"Okay, I want the whole story, and it better be good. My one and only silk shirt might be ruined. If it is, both of you are going to buy me a new one.!"

David leaned his elbows forward on the table and told them everything.

The End

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