"How far do you want to go with this?"

David asked Kyle as they headed toward the garage to get David's car.

"As far as we can get without destroying our careers and spending the rest of our lives in prison."

David nodded as they got in the car.

"There's a roadhouse out on the highway that serves food and alcohol. Now that Jeff is eighteen, he frequents that place a lot. He used to take Emily there."

David remarked.

"And you would know this how..?"

Kyle grinned.

"Shut up."

"You're right, we have more pressing matters in hand."  Kyle said as they headed down the old 16 highway toward Ottawa.

It was late afternoon by the time they entered the roadhouse. It was a three part affair. It had a formal dining room in the front, with an attached old style beverage room  that could be entered by a side archway.

In the back there was a small sports bar featuring a portable colour TV on a shelf halfway up one wall. In 1971 colour TV was still a big deal. They were relatively new and still very expensive.

David and Kyle didn't see Jeff in the dining room or beverage room, so they went to the sports bar in the back. The room was crowded with jocks and jock wannabes, drinking and watching the Saturday afternoon football game.

"I see Jeff with a bunch of his cronies over in the corner.  By the way he's yelling, he's already half smashed. How do you want to handle it from here? Your sister, your call."

David said.

" Why don't we just join the table and watch the game. You'll have to stay sober to drive us home. I, on the other hand, can get thoroughly drunk,  pick a fight, and beat the crap out of the little p***k!!"

Kyle grinned, cracking his knuckles in anticipation.

"Joanie said that Jeff wanted their relationship kept a secret, so as far as he knows, we don't even know that they were dating. He has no reason to believe that we're hostile. Jeff knows us. We shouldn't have any trouble joining the table."

David agreed. They walked over to  Jeff''s table.

"Hey Jeff. How about them Rough Riders, eh?"

David remarked, for openers. He pulled an empty chair from another table and sat beside Jeff. David pulled up a chair and sat across from them. A bar maid came over and Kyle ordered a round for the table. David had coffee and ordered a sandwich.

For the next three hours, Jeff and Kyle drank, watched the game, discussed sports, drank, talked about women, and drank some more. All but two of Jeff's five cronies eventually left. David drank coffee, ate his sandwich and kept an eye on Jeff and Kyle.

David knew a brawl was inevitable, but he didn't know when. He would have to be careful not to let Kyle go too far. By early evening both Jeff and Kyle were very drunk, and very argumentative. It wasn't long before a dispute over hockey deteriorated into shouted epithets with Kyle and Jeff standing with fists clenched.

"Hey, hey, heyyyy!!! You two drunks take your foolishness outside. Any damage you do can be to each other, and not to the bar!!!"

An enormous bouncer came over and took both combatants by their collars and pushed them out the back door to the parking lot. David had kept Jeff's two friends at bay during this altercation. This fight had to be between Kyle and Jeff, no one else.

David followed to make sure that Jeff's friends didn't pull a knife or try to gang up on Kyle. Several other patrons went out to the parking lot to watch the fight.

As they faced off, Kyle challenged Jeff with the real reason for the fight.

"You're not going to get away with what you did to Joanie, you snake!"

Kyle's voice was deep and low with fury and alcohol. Only Jeff could hear him.  He took a threatening step toward Jeff, but kept his fists at his side.

Even in his inebriated state, he knew that whoever threw the first punch would be the one to be charged with assault. The other one would just be defending himself.  He didn't know if the police had been called yet, but he knew they would be eventually.

"I didn't do anything to Joanie that she didn't want. The action in the shed was all her idea!!" Jeff snarled

"Action, action, attempted rape you mean!!"

Kyle all but lost it then. David had to literally hold Kyle back before he pasted Jeff in the face and was hauled off for assault. He would most certainly lose his badge, and David wasn't about to let that happen. Jeff had to start the punching, so that  he would get the blame for starting the fight.

Kyle shrugged himself out of David's grasp and took a step toward Jeff, who was standing half crouched, fists raised. He expected the first punch  to come from Kyle. What happened next happened so fast that it took awhile to sort things out later.

"My sister broke up with Jeff Pike because he doesn't really like girls much. He prefers  boys, and he only asked her out so that nobody knows he's confused!!!!"

Kyle shouted loud and clear into the crowd that had gathered around them.

Jeff went after Kyle like a hurricane! He was all over Kyle, punching, kicking, hitting. Kyle was still very drunk, but he had the presence of mind to let at least a few of the blows land on his face and arms. He would need proof of Jeff's attack.

After about five minutes of this, Kyle ducked the next roundhouse  blow, and caught  Jeff''s arm by the wrist. He twisted the younger boy's arm around his back and pushed up as far as he could. Kyle only let go when he heard the bone snap!

Jeff let out a howl like a banshee!! That's when the cops stepped in to break it up.  Even though they had arrived earlier, it seemed to take an awful long time to get from the edge of the crowd to the two fighters. They had stood back to see how well the rookies would handle themselves.

When David explained the entire situation, they allowed the battle to take it's own course until Jeff crumpled to the ground screaming.

Jeff was loaded into an ambulance,and everyone at the scene were  questioned. David gave a full statement. Kyle tried to, but he puked on the interviewing officer's shoes, so he was released into David's care for the time being.

The End

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