David stands and prepares to leave.

"Well, I'll let you grown ups chat. I've got to go find Kyle. He says there's a girl he wants me to meet."

Colleen's eyebrows raise in surprise.

"Kyle is a match maker now? I imagine Emily is not too thrilled with that."

Laughing, David shakes his head.

"Kyle isn't a match maker Mrs. Maxwell. The girl is someone that he's met on the night shift. It looks like he might be interested in her."

"Oh you mean Judy. We've met her. She's quite nice."

Estelle stands and gives David a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Well you go and have fun honey. We'll be here having the buffet. Come find us when you're ready to go."

David nods and leaves. He returns to the auditorium, where he goes looking for Kyle. He finds him with his sisters and an attractive brunette, standing by the stage. David joins them.

"Hi everybody. There's a buffet in the other room. Anyone interested?" David said.

"That sounds like a good idea, but first I want you to meet Judy Bradshaw. Judy, this is my best friend, David Larson."

Kyle introduces Judy, and they shake hands briefly."

"It's nice to meet you David. If even half the stuff Kyle says you've done is true,  I'm surprised that either one of you are still alive."

Judy grinned as Joanie piped up.

"What stuff?"

"Stuff that's none of your business, miss nosey parker."

Kyle remarked. Judy blushes and puts one hand to her mouth.

"Oops! I'm sorry. I'm sworn to secrecy. If I tell you anything Kyle told me, I'd have to buy my own coffee and doughnuts for each shift."

Laughing, Emily takes David's arm.

"That buffet sounds good to me. Let's go over there. Oh and Judy, i suggest you take everything Kyle tells you with a bag of salt. He tends to embellish."

Pretending to be miffed, Kyle denies it.

"I do not!"

The four of them head into the buffet room, laughing and talking.

The End

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