Thirteen months later on February 1, 1971, The Larsons and the Maxwells gather in the auditorium of the Aylmer Police College. They are there to see theirs son's graduate from the cadet program, along with the families of 32 other young men and women.

David and Kyle walk proudly across the stage in turn to receive their caps and badges. Their guns will be issued in their own detachment. When the ceremony is over they descend the steps of the stage to join their families in the audience.

"You did it my boy, you did it!"

Mark hugs David while he controls the tears of pride that threaten to roll down his face. He then hugs Estelle, who is having an equally hard time controlling her tears.

"It's been a challenging year, but it hasn't been nearly as tough as I thought it would be. I've had a lot of help from my coach, Montgomery Thorpe. Come on, I'll introduce you."

David takes his parents into another room where a buffet lunch is being served. He leads them to a table where an attractive African Canadian couple are sitting. The man is about ten years older than David.

"Hi folks. I'd like you to meet my parents, Mark and Estelle Larson. Mom and dad, this is Montgomery and Chandra Thorpe."

 They both stand and shake hands, then they all sit down at the table. Montgomery opens the conversation.

"I understand that your entire basement is filled with a complete working miniature working train system, Mr. Larson."

"Call me Mark, please. Yes, my trains are what have kept me more or less active for the past year."

He smiles, warming to his subject.

"I've got trestles and tracks that nearly reach to the ceiling. David and Kyle put them up for me."

"David told me about your heart problem. You look hale and hearty now, though."  Montgomery commented.

"Yes, my doctor gave me a clean bill of health two weeks ago. As long as I watch what I eat and get enough exercise, I should live for years yet."  Mark replied.

"I'm glad to hear that. I know that David was pretty worried."

"This ceremony is the one big thing that has kept me going for the last year. i wanted to see David become a cop more than anything. David is an active officer, but he's a still a rookie. The rest will come in time. Will you still be David's coach training officer?"

Mark asked Montgomery.

"I'll be his partner for about another year, then I'll coach another new cadet.  David will get a permanent partner when I'm sure he's ready. David and Kyle have already put in requests to be partnered with each other, but we'll have to see what the next year brings."

Kyle's parents arrive, and introductions are made all around. They join the Larsons and the Thorpes at the table.





The End

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