Two weeks after this heated conversation, David and Kyle's families make the trip to Orillia again. This time they go to the Police Training centre to watch David and Kyle be sworn in as cadets.

Eight young men in brand new police unifoems stand beside the podium on a raised stage in the auditorium. 

The Police Commissioner of Ontario gives an inspirational speech. Then he leads the cadets in swearing to the police oath, 'To Serve and Protect.'  The Larsons and the Maxwells sit at the front with the rest of the other recruits. Estelle leans over and whispers to mark.

"David and Kyle look so handsome in their new uniforms. They are now Ontario Police employees, classified as cadets in training."

"It will be another year before they finish all the courses and exams at the Police College in Aylmer. They'll be getting on the job training from experienced police coaches at the same time. They won't get their official badges and guns till then."

Mark whispers back. Estelle leans over and kisses him on the cheek.

"I am so proud of both my men! David is well on the way to realizing his dream, and you have all but recovered from your heart attack."

Mark smiles and gives her shoulders a quick hug.

The ceremony over, the police band plays 'Oh Canada', and 'God save the Queen' as everyone in the auditorium sings along. The new recruits file off the stage. Joanie and Emily stand against a wal out of the way as people mill about, visiting.

"Are you and David all over you tiff now Em?"

"I guess so. He still hasn't asked me out. I think he's afraid that I'll jump his bones at the first opportunity I get.'

Joanie laughs.

"That is a distinct possibility. i can see his point, though. As a cop, he can't indulge in illegal activities. Even if you're definately willing, sex at sixteen is still statutory rape."

Emily folds her arms and sulks.

"The whole situation sucks! I love him, and I think he's at least headed in that direction with me. We're consenting adults. Why can't we be together?"

"David is eighteen. He's an adult. You're not. You'll just have to ignore your raging hormones for the next couple of years, at least where David is concerned.'

The End

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