On Christmas eve that same year, Emily stands on a small step stool to attach a small sprig of mistletoe beneath the chandelier. the tree is nicely decorated in the corner. The room lights are dim, as the tree lights twinkle on and off.

David stands in the dining room doorway, watching her for a moment, then walks toward her. He reaches up and puts a hand on her waist to steady her. Startled, she  jumps a little, making her perch precarious. David encircles her waist  protectively with his other arm. They are now face to face.

"What are you, the mistletoe fairy? You put up mistletoe wherever you go. Everybody just ignores it, so what's the point?"

She laces her arms around his neck and leans into him.

"This is the point!"

Her lips meet his in a long sensual kiss. He tightens his arms around her and responds enthusiastically. A low moan escapes from David's lips as he trembles with desire.

Joanie enters the dim room, talking as she goes.

"There you are. I wondered where you two went. We;re all ready to play monopol..."

She pulls up short as she realizes what David and Emily are doing.


She runs out, and she can be heard unseen from the other room..

"They're still working on the decorations. They'll join us later."

David and Emily break apart and nearly falls off the stool. He holds her waist and lifts her down.

"Um.. we better go back in."

 David says, blushing profusely. He turns away, but Emily's hand on his arm prevents him from going any further.

"Wait a minute. I want to ask you something. Why haven't you ever asked me out? I wouldn't have turned you down."

Surprised by the question, he blurts out his answer without considering the damage it might do.

I haven't asked you out for the same reason i haven't asked Joanie. It would have been like dating my sister."

Furious, Emily slaps him across the face.

Sobbing out her words, she raises her voice, but not enough for the people in the other room to hear her.

"Your sister! You think of me as a @#$%^&*  sister!!! D..d.did that kkk..kiss feel like it came from a sister?"

Weeping uncontrollably, she marches to the foyer and hastily retrieves her coat and boots from the closet. She dresses quickly and leaves, slamming the door behind her.,

"Oh crap!!"

Mumbling to himself, David rubs his cheek where Emily's slap has left an angry red stain.

"Stupid stupid stupid! She may never forgive me. Oh crap!!!"

David goes to the door leading into the next room. He sticks his head in, to address the people sitting around a Monopoly board on the table. He's careful to conceal his red cheek against the door jamb.

"I'm tired. I don't really feel like playing Monopoly. I'm going up to bed."

He turns to leave, then as an apparent afterthought, he sticks his head into the room again.

"Oh yeah, if you're looking for Emily, she went home."

He turns around for good this time and trudges up the stairs to bed. He is thoroughly despondent for causing Emily such pain.

The End

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