All the time that he was growing up, David shared his dad's fascination with trains. That was why Mark Larson had always assumed that David would become a train engineer like him.

When David entered high school, his dad steered him toward all of the courses he would need to achieve that end. His plans were thwarted when David told his parents that he wanted to become a cop.

This broke Mark's heart, and gave Estelle a deep reason to worry. They had gone to too many funerals for the cop friends of Kyle's dad.

Mark never let on that he was disappointed though. He knew that David would not have made such a decision without thinking it completely through.

David wanted to become a cop with his best friend Kyle. He already knew a lot more about police work than he did about trains.

David had sweated out the entire summer of 1969 waiting to become eighteen in October. This was going to be the most important birthday of his life.

At eighteen, he would be eligible to apply to the Ontario Provincial Police to become a cadet. Kyle had already had his birthday, but he waited for David so they could apply together.

The boys had taken a first aid course with St. John Ambulance, and learned CPR. They had also gotten their drivers' licences. They were Canadian citizens, and they had no criminal record. They had their grade 12 diploma, and then they had to wait till they had both come of age. These were all requirements to become an O.P.P. cadet.

Early one November morning in 1969, the boys took up their post in front David's house waiting for the mailman. They had been doing this every week day for the previous three weeks.

They had both applied to the police Academy the day after David turned eighteen, and now they were waiting for their letters of acceptance or rejection.

When Larry the postman finally walks down the street, the boys go to meet him, rubbing their gloved hands together for heat.

"You two boys are going to shiver yourselves right out of your skins! You could have waited inside you know, I do deliver to the door."

Larry smiles at the two boys. as he sets his heavy sack of mail on the waist high snow bank.

"I know, but we're waiting for something really important. My mom got sick of pacing inside the front door. She said we were going to wear a hole in the carpet." David replied.

"Alright, if it's that important I can deliver it right here."

Larry said amiably while he searched through his mailbag. When he found what was looking for, He gave the boys their mail. Each boy eagerly rummaged through their own little handful of letters and magazines. David was the first one to hit pay dirt.

"It's here, it's here, Kyle."

David holds up a business sized envelope triumphantly, and reads  the return address.

"It's from the Ontario Provincial Police Recruitment Office. Did you get one Kyle?"

"Yes, here it is. Lets go to my place to look at them. Mom is making vegetable soup for lunch."

The boys head toward Kyle's house as Larry picks up his mailbag and continues on his way.


The End

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