After the near drowning at Dow's lake, Emily stopped teasing David. She would still torment Kyle when David wasn't around, though, which wasn't often. Joanie still pestered both of the boys, but her heart wasn't really in it any more without Emily's full participation.

As they grew, Emily and Joanie developed distinctly different personalities, despite the fact that they were identical twins. Joanie was bookish and artistic, flighty in some ways. Emily was athletic, strong, determined to out boy the boys.

They were born in November of 1953, so their childhoods included all the craziness and upheaval of the 1960's . Young people all over the globe were experimenting with drugs, sex, violence and politics.

The Twins were 16 in 1969, and they experimented with one of these things along with a great number of other teenagers at the time.

One morning Kyle walked past the girls' bedroom, and smelled something coming out from under their door. He had friends who smoked marijuana, so he recognized the smell.

He pushed the door open and stormed into the room. They were standing by the open window, sharing a joint.

"Are you out of your minds? Don't you know how dangerous drugs are? You two will be grounded for life when I tell mom and dad!!"

Emily glared at her brother, but she refused to put the marijuana cigarette out.

"You won't tell mom and dad." Emily said with little conviction.

"Dad is a Mountie. He busts junkies all the time. How is that going to look if he has to bust his own daughters?"

"He won't bust us. They won't believe you anyway." Joanie said defiantly .

"Are you willing to bet on that, sunshine?"

Kyle asked coldly as he took the joint from Joanie and put it out in a bottle of pop on the bureau.

"David is not going to be impressed with this, Emily."

That got her attention.

" You can't tell him. Promise you won't tell him!"

 Emily cried as she ran across the room to him. She was appalled at the thought of what David might think of her. It would be devastating to her to lose his friendship.

"I won't promise anything unless you promise to quit messing with drugs."

" I promise, I promise. We only tried it because some guy at school gave it to us for free. I'll never do it again. It didn't even make me happy or anything, just a little dizzy." Please please don't tell David!" Emily begged.

"Joanie, do you promise?' He asked the other twin who was still standing by the window.

"I don't care if you tell David." She said insolently.

Kyle was surprised at Joanie's attitude. She was usually the quiet one, the good girl who obeyed all the rules. Maybe the marijuana had affected her in an unexpected way. Maybe it made her bolder, more outspoken.

"Maybe not, but you'll care if I tell mom and dad."

Joanie had been asked to her very first dance the next Saturday, so if she was grounded she couldn't go. She hated the taste of the drug, and the way it made her cough, anyway.

"OK OK I promise."

"Fine, I believe you for now, but I'll be watching you both. You had better not do something this stupid ever again!" He told the girls as he walked to their door.

Kyle never did tell David or his parents, and to his knowledge, the girls kept their promise.

The End

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