David reaches her first and rolls her over on her back while holding her around the middle. He speaks over her head to Kyle, who had just arrived.

"See if you can hold her upright by the life jacket, Kyle. She's full of water, I have to force it out. i can't give her CPR in the water, but I'm going to try something I learned in swim class."

Kyle holds her up by the strapping of the life jacket while David gets behind her. He puts his hands under her ribcage and locks his hands together. He pushes in and up strongly with his fists. Water and air is forced out of her mouth. He does this several times till she starts breathing on her own, spitting out water.

By this time, the two canoes are only a few feet apart, with the boys and Emily in the water between them.The boys tread water while they both hold her upright until she stops coughing up water. 

Colleen kneels in the bottom of their canoe, her arms outstretched . She grips an oar that she has extended over the side of the canoe.

"Thank, she's breathing! Great job boys! We'll have to get her back in the boat now. I'm going to hold out my paddle, and I want you to hold onto it Emily. The boys can steady the boat while I haul you in."

Emily holds the oar with both hands as Colleen pulls her to the side. Barry reaches over and picks up Emily under the arms. He lifts her into the canoe. When she is situated in the bottom, Joanie throws a towel around her and hugs her to keep her warm.

Mark calls from his own canoe to the boys, who are still in the water.

"I'm going pull you boys in one at a time. Kyle, take the end of my oar. David can steady the boat while I haul you in. Then we'll all pull David in."

When both boys are in the boat, they follow the Maxwell canoe to the shore. When the boats are moored, Estelle examines Emily, who is sitting draped in towels on the pier.

"It looks like you'll be alright now. I don't hear any wheezing or any signs of water in your lungs. It's a good thing that David ,learned the Heimlich Manoeuvre in swim class!"

When she leaves, David approaches Emily with a thick soft blanket. He shyly drapes it over her shoulders.

"I got this from the car, Em. It's warmer than those wet towels."

Blushing, he sits down beside her.

"You're annoying sometimes, but... um.. I guess.. I like you, I don't want to lose you. You really scared me out there!"

He jumps up and runs to help the men and Kyle, who are loading up the vehicles. Emily stares after him, her mouth hanging open in surprise.


The End

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