The two families had a wonderful time in the morning, paddling the canoes around the small lake. Much to the girls' dismay, they didn't get to go in the same canoe as the boys. They were in one boat with their parents, and Kyle was in the other one with David and his parents.

This was the first time that the girls had been in a canoe. Nobody knew what the rocking affect would do to Emily.

She had been quiet in the centre of the canoe, where she had hunkered down between the bench seats. Joanie had been chatting away, so no one noticed that Emily was slowly turning paste pale.

"MMommie, I don't feel so goo..."

She began to say, before she suddenly made a lunge to the side edge of the boat. She began to vomit into the water, but her sudden movement overbalanced the craft, and it rolled to that side.

Her parents compensated by throwing their weight to the other side, to keep the canoe afloat. It all happened so fast, that no one realized for a few seconds that the roll had pitched Emily into the water!

Emily and Joanie had just started taking swimming lessons that summer.She had never been in water over her chest, so when she was thrown over the side, she panicked. She didn't know what to do. Luckily her life jacket held her up as she flailed about. Still she swallowed a lot of water as she flailed about.

Barry Maxwell was about to jump in, but when he stood in a crouch to dive in, the canoe rocked to the point that it almost tipped over.

The Larson canoe was not far away, and the screaming coming from the other canoe got their attention. Mark and Estelle started paddling like mad as Emily struggled to keep her face out of the water.

"Emily !! Emily!!" David shrieked as he saw Emily fall head first out of the other canoe.

He didn't even think, he just crouched on the bench and did a half dive into the water. The canoe rocked, but his parents' and Kyle's weight offset. it.

Kyle followed him into the water in a heart beat. Both boys had been swimming for three years, and both of them won ribbons at every swim meet.

By the time they reached Emily, her strength had given out and she floated face downward in the water, unconscious. She had begun to drown.

The End

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