David and Kyle became best friends that same day. They were inseparable after that.

Kyle was a bit older, a little quieter, more introspective. He had reddish brown hair and brown eyes the shade of red mahogany. David was the typical athlete. big, muscular, and tall. He had golden blond hair like his mother, and aquamarine blue eyes.

Kyle wasn't small by any means. He was built like a linebacker, but David was built like a tank. Kyle's mother liked to call them Summer and Autumn. David's sunny colouring, and Kyle's autumn leaf reddish brown hair made the term fit.

The only fly in their ointment were Kyle's twin sisters. They tagged after the boys incessantly. David didn't mind too much, but it drove Kyle nuts! Their typical day consisted of being badgered by the girls.

"Give back that baseball, (or soccer ball, or football, or hockey puck) Emily (or Joanie!)"

The girls would run away with their prize, laughing tauntingly. Emily had her own special way to torment the boys.

She'd skip around the front lawn, chanting.

"David is my boyfriend. David is my boyfriend."

Joanie sometimes did that too, just to annoy the boys, but Emily put a stop to it.

"David is MY boyfriend! You can't have him!"

Emily was usually the alpha girl, unless Joanie wanted something. Then they would argue the point. Joanie didn't particularly want David luckily, or it might have come to blows. Emily spent her whole life loving David, whether either one of them were aware of it or not.

The boys loved growing up near Ottawa. They swam and played baseball in the summer, football and soccer after school started. In the winter, they skated the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, and played hockey.

In hockey, Kyle played various positions on the ice, but David always played goalie. He was so big with all his equipment on, that he pretty much filled the net. It was a rare puck indeed that got past David.

Kyle's dad, Barry Maxwell was a detective with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As such, he had access to the stables where the horses of the RCMP Musical Ride were housed. He took the kids to the stables as often as they could pester their way into it.

One summer, when David and Kyle were eight, and the twins were six, the kids were treated to a day on Dow's lake with both sets of parents. There was a picnic, and a playground, and each family had a canoe to paddle around the small lake.

The only problem was, the girls wanted to go with the boys, but the boys didn't want them to. This was typical of the relationship among the four kids.

This did not turn out be a typical day, though. This was the one day in the childhoods of all four kids that none of them ever forgot. The surprising thing was they all remembered it pretty much the same way.

It was the day that Emily Maxwell almost drowned.

It was also the day that would set the stage for David and Emily to become each other's soul mate.


The End

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