A nurse comes and gives Charlotte a shot of Demerol while Estelle gently rocks the baby and croons to him. Her whole heart goes out to this little blue blanketed bundle of joy.

His own mother doesn't want him! Her mouth sets in anger. She vows to the all the powers that be that David will be raised differently. They will not be so lenient with him. On the other hand, they will have to be careful not to be so strict that he will feel like a prisoner.

She glances over at Charlotte, who ts already in a deep sleep. She rings for the nurse to come and take the baby back to the nursery.

She returns a few hours later with Mark and a tall thin man who carries a thick leather briefcase. Estelle's sister Alice and her husband Derrick follow behind them.

When they enter the room, Charlotte is arguing with the duty nurse, who has brought back the baby in a glass bassinet.

"Will you be breast feeding him, MISS  Larson?"

The nurse asks disapprovingly, putting hard emphasis on the 'Miss'.

"No I won't, Miss snotty nurse!"

"It's alright nurse Elliot, I'm the baby's grandmother. I can take it from here."

Estelle goes to the bassinet and takes the baby out of it. Estelle  had been approved for visitation with the nurse's station, so nurse Elliot was just as happy to leave.

Mark goes over to Estelle and looks down at his grandson with  love glowing in his face.

"He's a big one." Mark said proudly.

"That's not surprising considering his father is probably a line backer." 

Charlotte mutters from her perch among the pillows on the bed.
Mark walks to the bed with the tall man beside him.

"Charlotte, this is Mr. Fournier. He's the adoption attorney. He has custody papers for you to sign."

Charlotte shrugs disinterestedly. Mr. Fournier takes a clipboard with an attached document out of his briefcase.  He hands it to Charlotte, who takes it without comment.

"Please read this thoroughly before you sign anything. You have to know exactly what you are doing."

She carelessly flips through the pages of the document. then sets the clipboard on top of the blankets.

" I'm not going through all this crap! Just give me the highlights."

The attorney sighs, not really understanding this young woman's cold attitude.

"Alright then, if that's what you want. This document gives full unconditional custody of your baby boy to your parents."

The attorney turns toward Estelle and Mark.

"Has a name been chosen for the child?"

Mark nods. "Yes, his name is David Mark Larson."

The attorney reaches for the clipboard and takes a pen out of his breast pocket. He flips some pages, writes something, flips a few more pages and writes again.

"when this document is signed miss Larson, you won't be able to see your son at all without your parents' permission. Do you understand what that means?"

Charlotte reaches over, grabs the clipboard.

"Yeah, yeah I know. That won't be a problem. I'm leaving the country and I won't be coming back..ever! Give me the pen and show me where to sign."

He hands her the pen and flips pages, showing where to sign, three times. She signs and hands back the clipboard. He turns toward the end of the bed.

"Good. I'll have you sign these Mr. and Mrs. Larson, then I'll have Mr. and Mrs. Patterson sign as witnesses."

The attorney nods at Alice and Derrick. Estelle takes the clipboard, and signs where he indicates. She then hands it to Mark, who also signs. Grinning, he hands the clipboard to Derrick.

"Your turn Derrick." Try to make it legible.

Derrick takes it, signs on the X on the top page. He hands it to Alice, who signs it and gives it back to the attorney.

"Well, that's it then. Mr. and Mrs. Larson, you are now officially the parents of little David Mark Larson."

The attorney walks to the door, turns, and speaks to Charlotte coldly.

"And you young lady, are on you own!"


The End

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