October 9, 1951

As soon as Charlotte graduated, she packed up everything in her room but the furniture, and got ready for the move to Vancouver. She was a little bit uneasy about the fact that her mom hadn't even offered to help pack. When she was finished with the two big trunks to be shipped later, she came down and watched her mom wash dishes.

"Mom?" Charlotte said, suddenly shy. Her parents barely spoke to her these days. Estelle looked around, but didn't speak.

"Are you going to Aunt Alice's with me, at least for a week? You could help me settle in. You grew up out there."

"No Charlotte, I'm not. We're both staying here. We'll go out there the week the baby is due."  No reasoning with her, no excuses, just.. "No."

This frightened Charlotte more than just a little. The house had been awfully quiet since she had made the decision about the baby. She had expected her parents to come around, but they hadn't.

They hadn't even asked who the father was. Not that she knew anyway. She had slept with almost all the members of the senior  football team.

She was beautiful with her honey blond hair, and statuesque 5 ft. 9in. frame, and startling blue eyes. Boyfriends had never been hard to get. She was counting on her looks to make her a star.

She resented the little person inside her for what it had done to her body. As soon as it was out of her, she was going to get her figure back as soon as she could.

When she got to Vancouver, her aunt Alice was the very soul of disapproval. She didn't care. As soon as this brat was born, she was out of there.

She had read that scientists were working on a pill that could stop girls from getting pregnant. She hoped it would be available in Los Angeles when they did come up with something. There was no way she was going to go through with this nightmare again.

At the beginning of October, Mark and Estelle flew out to Vancouver. They had been talking to Estelle's sister Alice over the summer, but they hadn't spoken to Charlotte at all.

They had been talking to their attorney, and he had drawn up adoption papers for Charlotte to sign. Since the child was going to a family member, the authorities weren't giving them a hard time.

There were three bedrooms in Alice's house, and Mark and Estelle stayed in the only empty one, waiting for the birth of their grandchild. Charlotte was due on the 7th, but her water didn't break until 3:00 in the morning of October 9th.

Charlotte's screams brought her mother running to her room. Estelle was a trained maternity nurse, she could have delivered the baby then and there, if need be. Estelle put on the light, and went to her daughter's bed.

"When did the pains start, Charlotte?" Estelle said quietly, taking the girl's wrist and counting off the minutes between grunts of pain.

"Not long, " Charlotte panted. "My water broke. It woke me up."

"The pains are still 15 minutes apart. We have time to get you to the hospital." Everything Estelle said, everything she did was done calmly and professionally.

The fact that this young woman was her daughter didn't figure into the equation anymore. Charlotte had truly broken her mother's heart when she had made plans to abort her child. Her mother would never forgive that, or the fact that she had callously sold her baby.

Estelle helped Charlotte get out of bed, and helped her get cleaned up and dressed. Mark was waiting downstairs with Charlotte's suitcase.

Mark, and Alice waited in the maternity waiting room, as Charlotte went through 6 hours of hard labour. Estelle was allowed to stay with Charlotte, as her mother, and as a trained nurse.

At 9:17 on the morning of September 9, 1951, David Mark Larson was born. He was a 9 pound, 4 ounce scrap of screaming humanity. The doctor handed him to Estelle, after she cut the cord.

One look at this baby boy, and all of her maternal instincts kicked in. All the love, and care that had been reserved for Charlotte was now transferred to David.

"Do you want to see him, Charlotte?' Estelle asked kindly. She hoped beyond hope that holding her son would make Charlotte form a bond.

Estelle was willing to relent, if Charlotte showed some inkling of feeling for her son. Estelle would still raise him but she was willing to share custody, if Charlotte wanted it.

"No! I don't want anything to do with it! It has caused me nothing but pain! Get me the papers. I'll sign them right now. I want painkillers!"

This outburst of venom spewed forth with all the pain and anger that Charlotte felt for this innocent child. Estelle understood the pain, but not the anger or hatred towards the baby.

She suddenly realized that Charlotte blamed the baby himself for the rift with her parents. She took no responsibility at all for her own actions.

The End

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