Chapter Two

Part One: Macy

Even lost in the thoughts of my life I heard the commotion. A boy my age had appeared next to me in the basement. He panicked and thought I was still alive and Isaac was about to kill me.

"What is your name?" I asked him. His name was Myles. "What is yours?" I told him my name. "So we are dead? How did you die?" he inquired. I told him about Isaac torturing me and he told me about him being drowned. Both murders were very horrible.

Even in death I still had traits I liked in guys. Myles was exactly what I was looking for in life. He was nice, smart, kind, and handsome. "Tell me about your life." I said. He told me where he lived, about his parents, his sister (I asked him if she would be sad since he was gone and he said she was dead. I tried to apologize but he said he never knew her.), his friends, and his girlfriend. I questioned about his girlfriend. Were they truly in love? Was it a serious relationship? Did they have plans for the future? He said they weren’t seriously in love and were only dating because their friends set them up. "The team captain of the basketball team and the head cheerleader always were together, but it never meant anything." I understood completely. It was the same way with my school.

We left that horrible basement and started to walk up the street. I asked him what happened after he died, if he just appeared in that basement or something. What he told me sounded like where I appeared, then being transported here. It was weird. Who were all of those people, and where were they going? We only knew that wherever they were heading, we should get there too.

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Part Two

Myles James

I was relieved and sad this girl had already died. Relieved, that I wouldn’t have to try and save her (it only occurred after I freaked out that they wouldn’t be able to hear me) and sad that she was dead, because she was so beautiful. Her hair, her eyes, and her name were like the meaning of my life. I was searching for them inside Emily, but they weren’t there. Now, I'm dead and I find them.

"Maybe we should leave now," she said, shaking me out of my fixated daydream. "Yeah, um…" What should I say? "Where do you want to go? Oh my god that was really stupid. "I mean, we can do whatever we want now, right? We can go and see the world, learn people’s secrets, haunt houses…" She is going to think I’m a total idiot.

"How about you listen to me?" But it wasn’t Macy who asked the question, it was a woman. She was around eighteen, good looking, but tired. "Who are you?" Macy stuttered. "I am Felicia. Felicia James." She turned to me, "Your sister." I was stunned. "Felicia!" I tripped forward into her and she held me in a tight embrace. "Myles, I have missed you so much. I have watched you grow up, and I never could talk to you. I’m so sorry." What was she apologizing for? Getting sick? "It’s not your fault you died. You got stupid cancer. That is what separated us. But that will never happen again." Then I remembered Macy. "Felicia, this is Macy. Macy, this is Felicia." "Hey Macy, Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you too." They were totally going to get along. "So, what should we do?" I inquired of Felicia. "You seem to know what to do." "You’ll see."

The End

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