time for work

The next day, Katya and Jenna struggle to get me out of bed again, as usual.

"Paige, you promised to wake up early!" Katya whispers, trying to sound fierce. "Get up! The supervisors are coming and we have exactly one hundred and forty seconds to hide, and counting!" she adds critically.

I jump up and force my work clothes on, then turn to Jenna, who is listening by the hall for footsteps. "Jenna!" Katya and I whisper.

She nods, then without a word pulls us into the nearby closet.

It feels odd, not scary, to hear Katya trying not to breath too rapidly as Jenna pulls us inside the closet once more.

We wait to hear their footsteps fade. But nothing happens. Katya is close to fainting now. I wonder why she hates small spaces to much. . . .I think Friar Jon told me. . . what was it called? Claustrophobia! Yes, from an old language, I think. I remember from studies when I was small.

I hear mumbling.

"If we don't get her by tomorrow. . . . . won't last forever .. .. after all. . . .calculations and servant-work. . . .all she'll learn." One says.

"Yes, but . . . . . usually happens to those? She will do fine . . . . .without training. . . .All subordinates . . . .given before testing. . . . .You know the rules."

I hear the first one sigh. "I suppose you're correct. . . . have to hurry. Those supervisors of hers will be round soon. . . . get back. . .supposed to be doing. . . ."

Their footsteps quicken and fade. I hear Jenna exhale impatiently. She throws us out of the closet, and we hurry on our way to work without a word.

The End

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