The Doctor

"Well, you are certainly fit enought to work." a man who calls himself the Doctor says to me. "Unless you feel you need another day's rest tomorrow?" he adds.

His voice sounds icy, as if he is willing me to say I am fine, which I am. He seems to challenge me to stay in bed another day.

So I give him what he wants. It's not like I'm unfit, after all.

"I will be find to work tomorrow. I've been awake for a few days now, and I have more strength now. I can report to the kitchens without delay at the usual time tomorrow morning." I say.  Katay nods readily.

"Perfect." he says, seeming satisfied. "I shall inform the friar myself. Get all the rest you can for tomorrow, young lady." he says formally. He is only nice on the outside, I think.

"Thank you." I reply as he leaves. He does not acknowledge my thanks. It seems somehow rude. . .but normal.

Katya smiles and turns to face me. "I found this under your bed." she says softly, placing a small scroll of paper in my hands.

"Thank you." I manage, reading the curious script. I cannot feel more excited as I read this.

"Among the Scholars." Katya whispers, reading it over with me. "Why would we go there?"

"Katya, we are almost sixteen, you go aweek before me. We only mix with them once, and that is on  my birthday. It is when you can test to see if you are able to work among them."

"They hate lowborns." Katya reminds me.

"It is. . . ." I look it over.

"In four days." I hear a voice say. A voice that makes me jump off my bed and run over to it. Connor.

"Connor, you'll get caught here!" I find myself laughing. He hugs me quickly, and nods to Katya.

"In four days, Paige, you will be in your best clothes and among the Subordinates and Scholars. You must as least find the next clue."

"But what was the first one?" I ask. Oops. "Sir Colin never told us."

"Ah. That." Connor nods. "We were not the only ones there. The two subordinates with Jenna when we were being lectured." he explains. "They discovered the route to the sponsor's office. Found our missing paper."

I nod. "And?"

"It contains finances, and the name of this place. I am not allowed to know what it is. But we need to know our history if we can go forward. That is why we need to get you among the Scholars."

"I see. But I am wondering, what do you need me to do?"

"As I said, find the next link. Study out history. Get what we need. It will be specified tonight. but for now, rest." He turned me around, and guided me toward my bed.

Life is a bit tiring, after all.

The End

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