Falling. . . .

Falling from that horrible ship.

I am going under. . .under. . .

Un. . .der. . .

"NO!" I sit up. Look around. Half-familiar images. . .

A girl enters the room. She looks at me, and her face lights up.

"She's awake, finally! Jenna, come here! Hurry!" I heard a distant voice say.

I'm awake?

"Katya."  Even my voice is a bit fuzzy. "Where am I?" I ask.

"In our corner. " Katya manages breathlessly. She is crying, but happy.  "You were out for hours. It was torture waiting for you to wake up!" She hugs me.

"Awake, I see." I feel my heart-beat race. Connor is here?

Jenna goes to Connor and hugs him. "Stupid, you shouldn't be here." she says. I haven't seen her act this fond of him before.  .  .  .

"I had to come. I wanted to see if our hero was still alive." He grins at me. I feel myself smile back.

But I'm kind of dissappointed. . . why?

"What do you mean, hero?" I ask him.

He sits down next to me.  "Well, if it wasn't for you, we would have no link, no possibilities of hope, and if it wasn't for you-" He pauses. I think he is trying to be dramatic. "-Sir Connor wouldn't have gotten away with having the information."

"But how?" We failed our mission. Why would Sir Connor punish us if we had gotten him what he needed?

"Friar Jon let in on a little secret a bit later in the night, after we all slept." Connor tells me.

"We might have a clue as to where the Leaders are meeting above ground!" Katya exclaims.

Connor sighs, and pushes her off the bed. "I was going to say that." he says,only half-sadly.

I feel myself sigh inwardly. It's good to be with my friends. Alive.

"So, how long until I can work again?" I ask Jenna.

Jenna looks confused. "You must rest for the rest of the day. A doctor will come tomorrow to look at you to decide when you can work again. Why?"

I see Connor grin. "For our next mission."

The End

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