I can see fuzzy images. . .people. My. . .friends?

"Katya?" I wonder.

"Shh, you're exhausted." She reaches forward, and my forehead suddenly feels nice and cool. "We have leave to take care of you here, the sick rooms are cut off right now. Quarantined, I think." Katya whispers.

"Alright." I whisper. I can see other figures, as well.

The blackness again. . .Sleep. If I must. . . .

                                 *          *          *         *

It's dark.

. . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . . .

So terribly dark.

Wait.   .   .   .   .


My. . . friends.

"You should not have come." I hear a voice say.

"No choice, Jen. You saw her when I brought her in here." Jen? Jenna?

"But being a runnaway? How could you?"


"Don't bother."  She cuts off the second voice. "Why is it her? Only her, for that matter." She's angry, i think. It's kind of hard to hear now.

"I have my reasons. There is an explanation." he says calmly.

I think he's leaving now. . . .

Her lips form words, she says them, but I can't hear. I'm so tired. . .

The End

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