Second Meeting

It seems to be a long day today.

One hour of sleep does not work well when you are a slave. . . .

Especially when you can't sleep due to stress.

I am sorry, Jenna, but if I am out of sorts when you confront me, It's not my fault.. . . .

For the third time this morning in the kitchens, being yelled at for my clumsiness. I am not usually this clumsy to begin with, but still. . .

This time, the subordinate watching me just leaves me alone when I dropped the frying pans. I feel tears coming to my eyes, fatigue begging to overtake me.

No! I refuse. I am not going to fall, not today. I have never been taken to the sick rooms  since I became a slave, and I do not plan on it now.

I let the tears fall, more sensing then seeing the figure coming up next to me.

"Paige." a young male voice whispers.

It's the boy! The one I met before, the one with the light colored hair. So it wasn't a dream after all. . . I had given up on him. . .

"You should go to the sick rooms for the day." he whispered as he placed the frying pan away.

"No!" I whisper back, surprised at the fierceness in my voice, but too tired to care. "I'll be fine. I just need an early night's rest."

"You're on the brink of exhaustion, Paige. i know about what happened on the  ship, I was there watching. At least promise me that I will not have to save you like this again. Even if I get to see you."

He wanted to see me?

All I see is black . . . . .

The End

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