"What were you thinking?" Sir Colin demands of us.

Connor, Friar Jon, and myself are sitting in one of Sir Colin's rooms, still soaking wet. Jenna is standing behind him with two other subordinates, glaring at us. She never wanted me to do this. I think she is paranoid, or perhaps afraid of losing favor with someone.

He looks at the three of us in turn.

"Underestimating your opponents," he looks at Connor

"throwing yourself off of a ship that high," he looks at me.

"and leaving when I specifically told you to stay and hold your position. You three are all very lucky that this can work out to our advantage. For all we know, our sponsor's daughter may know what people are after."

That, I highly doubt. What she probably thinks is that someone sent Connor to sabotage something.

"Now, I will let you return to where you are supposed to be. You have an hour to sleep. Use it wisely." So this is our punishment? Only and hour of sleep. Seems reasonable, but there must be more to it.

"But, Sir Colin, it wasn't our fault-" Connor starts to protest

"Out!" He orders.

We leave, stopping to get our regular clothes back, and go back to our beds. It will be a long day tomorrow.

The End

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