Rayanne pulls me back through all the corridors, and back to the deck.

"Hey! What is going on?" I demand.

Rayanne just glares at me. "What is your problem? You think I'm that stupid? Your brother just wanted to break into my father's office, didn't he? This has happened before, you know."

She still believe that Connor and I are related? "I don't know. He just brought me alooaaong!"

The ship suddenly starts rocking. It begins to rain. A. . .storm, I think it is called? Rayanne and I grab nearby rails.


Bangbangbang! "Connor!"

"Sir, the door. It's locked."

"Right then."




The ship lurches. We can barely hold on. Rayanne is screaming for help, although it won't do that much good. I can't hear anything above the roar.

Just as suddenly as the storm came, Rayanne slips, and almost goes over. I pull her back, but with both hands. No! I reach out, but the rain makes the rail to slippery. Rayanne doesn't catch me. I feel myself hit the expanse of salt-water. . . . .I am going under. . .under. . .under. . .



I see the surface of the water above me. . someone has dived into the water to save me.


We climb for the surface. I can barely manage to hold my breath (I was taught never to breath underwater before we came here).


We finally are above the water, gasping for air. A small boat comes in the distance, hailing us.  Friar Jon also "falls" off the ship and makes his way over to us.

"Are you alright?" he shouts. I can barely hear him, but I nod, and so does Connor.

The End

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