We both look up to see Friar Jon.

Connor pauses.  He isn't even reacting!  "How?"


"What are you doing here?" I demand, feeling my eye growing round.

"Sir Colin asked me to keep an eye on you. I forgot to mention to you that the sponsor's daughter is spoiled out of her head, Connor."

"And this is valueable information how?" I ask.

Connor slaps his hand to his forehead and leans against the wall.

"I assume she is the one who tried to pour champagne over Paige's head."

Friar Jon nods. "I believe that she can be persuaded to  take you to her father's office. We need those papers, to see who is behind all of this."

"What's champagne-"

"Come with me." Connor grabs my hand and pulls me back to the deck.

He leads me over to a counter and orders two drinks.While we wait, he explains what we are going to do.

"We will pretend that you are my younger sister.  I can get the girl to take us to her father's office. I know her ty- thank you-" He take the drinks from a man at the counter and hands me one. "I have dealt with spoilt girls before. Scholars, children of historians. Let's just hope this works." He looks around.

"So how will I know what to say?"

"Aha! There she is." he points with his drink.  He's ignoring me! 

"If she says that she won't, just say she is afraid." He adds, pulling me away from the counter. Whatever  is in champagne, it went straight to his head.

We walk over to the girl.  Connor grins at me.

"Hi." he says, lifting his glass to her in acknowledgement.

She turns to face him, and also raises her glass. She glares at me for a moment, then holds out her hand to him.

"Rayanne Lennard." she says with a smile. Her smile is pretty, I notice.

"Connor Beaulieu." He shakes her hand. "This is Paige." he says nudging me.

I nod to her, and she nods back, then looks at him in an odd way. I think  it is the way Katya would look at him.

"Girlfriend?' She inquires.

"Younger sister. Are these parties always like this?" he asks in a bored manner

She nods. "Boring, hmm? My father throws them once a week on this ship. We're stopping in New Zealand for a few days to resupply.  It's a world cruise for his eintire companies' representatives, all their partners, groups they sponsor, anyone who's done buisness with my dad in the past ten years."

I look at her, open-mouthed. Connor elbows me.

"Wow." I murmer.  Rayanne takes Connor's hand and leads him back to the hallways. "So, want a tour?" she grins. Why does she have a grudge against me when Connor ruined her fun earlier?

"Actually, I heard there's a good view in your dad's office." Connor grins mischeviously.

She bites her lip, then she frowns. "There is. I'm not allowed in there , though. If I am, I usually did something wrong." she kind of laughs. "You know how it is."

Connor laughs sharply. "Huh. Yeah, I do. You don't really know." He take my arm, and we start to leave.  "That's dissappointing. Buh-bye."  we walk around the corner, then stop a few feet away.

Connor grins at me. "Watch this." he looks down the hall to where we just were.

"Three, two, one. . ."

"Wait!"  Rayanne appears around the corner. We turn around, and Connor smiles. "I know a way to get there."

Next thing I know we are walking through a series of corridors. Rayanne glances at me for a moment, then stops a bruptly and opens a door which reveals an empty room.

"First thing's first." I hear her whisper to Connor.

"It doesn't look like an. . .office?" I look at Rayanne.

She rolls her eyes. "It's not." She reaches over and shoves Connor inside.

The End

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