The ship

I find myself wearing strange clothes, going through a part of the tunnels I didn't know existed.

"What is this place?" I demand. Connor looks at me, but says nothing. which usualy means that I am not supposed to know.  We keep walking for awhile, then stop. He opens a door, pushes me in, and shuts it.

"Keep your voice down." he orders. "It's a transporter." he adds after a moment. This machine does what, exactly? I am about to ask this, but Connor speaks again.

"It will take us to New Zealand." he says simply, taking my hand. He steps closer. "Stay close to me." he says softly.

"Connor-" no words come. Jenna will murder me when she finds out about this trip. She probably thinks that if I go, she won't have to kill me herself unless I survive, or some other such nonsense

The next thing I know, we are on the lower decks of a ship.


Connor and I have made our way into a crowd of people dressed in finery that would be considered odd at home, although I find it fascinating. One girl looks at me an sneers, which makes me notice that my dress looks prettier then hers by far.

I just shrug, barely giving eye contact. Just barely. The girl sneers again, then turns to one of her companions.

"Paige!" Connor whispers. One of the girls has approached me. I turn, seeing a glass raised above my head.

I can feel myself standing taller. The girl shrinks back. Just before I can speak, Connor steps in front of me.

"Is there a problem?" he asks, taking the glass from her.

She draws back, shaking her head. The crowd turns and stares.

"Good." Connor says cooly. "Cheers." He drains the glass, then gives it back to her. Turning his back on her, he takes my arm and pulls me away from the crowd.

"So much for not drawing attention to ourselves." he says bitterly once we are out of sight. "Sir Colin is going to kill us."

"Not if Jenna gets to us first." This statement makes Connor laugh. "What am I supposed to do again? No one made it clear."

"Well, you were supposed to find the owner of the ship. He is supposedly one of the ones who paid for the tunnels to be dug and expanded. He thinks he is sponsoring a mining company." Connor said, a hint of anger in his voice.

Just then I hear someone running

"But how are we going to do that?" I whisper.

"I can help you." a familiar voice says breathlessly.

The End

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