A possible intervention?

"So now we are working for a historian called Colin?" Katya asks me. I nod.  "Why?" she prompts as we walk through the dining area. It is the noontide meal.

"Because we can get out of here." I whisper. "We can be free above ground, Katya, I have seen it." I add. "It is amazing-" I stop, seeing Jenna beckon me to her table. "I will be back." I say. Katya nods.

"Yes?" I ask, keeping me eyes lowered.

"Leave formalities out for now, Paige." she says coldly as she stands.

I still do not look at her. Am I in trouble?

"What do you know of Subordinate Connor?" she demands.

"Nothing. I had to help him earlier, that is all."

"That is not what I asked you."

Now I look at her. Jenna has never taken advantage of me before, never tried to even imply an order. Her eyes are narrowed, she seems very angry.  What is wrong with her?

"I know almost nothing of him. He chooses his words carefully, and he seems amused by people who seem less naive then they truly are. That is my first, if not my only impression."

"But who is choosing her words now? What nonsense has he told you of-"

"Nonsense? What nonsense? He has told me nothing of any sort, unless you count how to behave around historians nonsense!"

All of the subordinates at Jenna's table stop speaking and turn to look at me. Jenna's eyes go from narrow to huge, round with shock.

She steps close to me and whispers into my ear:

"You should not speak with disrespect for someone so low."

"It is not disrespect, my dear Jenna, you are just tiring the poor girl with your so-called anger."

She steps between me and Connor, who has probably been spying on her for the past few minutes.

"Connor, you need to stay away from this girl." she says in a low voice.

"Why, are you afraid, Jen? That seems so unlike you." He says in a mocking voice.

"No afraid, Connor, just concerned that you are plotting something and using this little girl."

Just a momnet. . .I am not little!

I step between them.

"Jenna. Connor. Please stop this. I believe that you would call this, nonsense, if not just a silly argument. I am not a child, do not treat me as if I were a possession to fight over. . ."

Connor nods, but I think my words are lost on Jenna. She opens her mouth to speak. But I have had enough. I walk away, out the door to get back to my duties.


I lay next to Katya. It is evening now, and she had been moved to my corner because there are new slaves and subordinates. In eight weeks it will be our turn.

I haven't been to a meeting yet, but I will, or so I am assured. I am to go to New Zealand tomorrow night. Sir Colin left me a message.

But I am wondering. . .how long will it take?

The End

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