Colin III (also entitled: Come To Our Meetings)

We push the trolley through paved tunnels with wall that have secure holders for toches and lanterns, making the tunnels bright but old-feeling.  It is not so difficult, but something is strange about this boy.

"How long have you been at your station?" he asks me. Odd, I had hoped to ask him that.

"I am fifteen years of age now. It has been four years for me. How long have you been a subordinate?" slaves begin work at eleven. you become a subordinate when you are sixteen or seventeen, depending on how well you have served.

The boy grins at my impudent question. I could have been slapped for that, I think regrettably.  "A year and one half. I am seventeen."

I nod. He probalby worked hard.

"Here we are." he stops abruptly and opens a door. The trolley jars, and I quickly rush to stop it from falling over.

Then I am mesmerized.

We come into a hall, decorated with beautiful red, ivory and gold carpet. The ceilings are higher, and there is even a candelabra. Only one word can describe a room such as this: elegance.

"Well, are you going to stand there all day?" the boy asks, showing impatience for the first time.

I glance up quckly, lowering my eyes in reverence as I notice two Historians conversing. I push the trolley in, barely able to contain myself. 

He comes to take a tray for the two men. "Play along." he whispers as he lifts it.   "You food, sirs." he says, lowering his eyes enough so that he can still see them. '

The historian waves to a small table nearby.

The boy nods and places the tray onto the table, then helps me with the trolley.

We do the same thing with four other rooms, then we come to the fifth and last place before reporting back to the kitchens.


I am surprised by what takes place.

We walk in, and though my eyes are lowered, I can still hear.

"Connor." a deep male voice says.

"Sir Colin."

"What news?"

"We have found something interesting that we may be able to obtain on the newest continent above, Sir."

"Very good. Place the tray on the table."

He probably notices me, because I hear him speaking to me.

"Come here, girl, and tell me your name before you leave."

I come forward, eyes still lowered. He lifts my chin, and looks at my eyes.  

"Perfect." he says.  "What is your name girl?"

"Paige." I reply. He must be a kind man as well, like Friar Jon. "I am of the lowest rank, sire, what could you possibly what of me?"

I can hear Connor (that has to be his name) laugh at my question.

"You have been above ground, Paige?" he asks. I nod.

He nodded. "Connor will fetch you and your two friends. Come to our meetings, we have need of your services."

The End

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