the next day

"Paige! Wake up, you silly girl, the supervisors are coming 'round any minute! You'd think she hadn't slept atall, Jenna, help me!"

I wake up to Katya and Jenna pulling the blankets back and shaking me.

"I am awake. Hurry, help make me bed!" I whisper, jumping off my bed and throwing my work clothes on, plain slacks and a grey shirt. Jenna and Katya hurriedly make my bed.

Jenna spies a scroll. I try to cover it, but it's too late. She grabs it. "Paige, what is this?" she demands. 

Hearing the footsteps of supervisors coming this way, I snatch it back, shove it under my pillow, and pull my two friends into a nearby closet.

The End

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