Getting Out (my life below ground)

Below ground there are slaves (who start their work at age eleven), subordinates(who begin their duties at sixteen or seventeen), cooks (anyone age 26 and above), scholars (privilaged adelescents or extremely smart subordinates), historians (graduated scholars, the ones who keep track of the history of the people of the Tunnels), and many others.

Paige is a slave, one who has been chosen to help lead a revolution for them. Together with Katya, Jenna, Connor, Friar Jon, Colin III (the historian) and many more, the revolution has begun.

But will they succeed?

I had been playing a game with people my age above ground.15. Still children in the eyes of people above ground. Still a slave age below.

You kick a ball around, trying to get it into your adversary's net, which stands up with poles, while trying to pretect your own net which stands up with poles.


It seemed stupid, but it was really fun. and bright.  Once they all go home, though, I have nowhere to go. So i look around for a moment. I walk around the corner, where buildings are beginning to have lights on them as well. So much light!

Just then, a boy pulls me back around the corner, and through a small grate. He takes me down to the sand tunnels, which is a way back to the tunnels below ground.

"Who are you?" I ask him as we push our way through the flowing sand. "How did you get through?"

"The same way you did. Through these sand tunnels." He smiles at me teasingly. "At least you got through. With my build, I have enough trouble getting here on my own."

I almost laugh. the boy is about my height, and a bit skinny for a slave. We are, surprisingly, well fed and given beds every night. Unless we're being punished.

Still sitting , we push through the sand. "You've recieved scrolls?"

I look up. We're almost over the Hole, a huge, wide thing that would fit nineteen slaves my age if it wasn't so crumbly like the sand. "Yes." I say.

We're using crumbling footholds now. I am on he outside edge, and he is too close to me. A sudden sensation comes over me, and I don't struggle.

"Do only as they say." he says

We both drop, and land silently.  He runs a little way down a hall to the male slaves' barracks.

"When will I see you again?" I call.

"Don't try to find me." he calls back. His light colored hair and skinny but able build dissapears.

Without another thought, I run to my bed, which has a second scroll on it, laid across my pillow. The first one is next to it.

"Another scroll!" I whisper excitedly to my only possesion, a small, cotton-stuffed bear that I made myself. Without thought, I open it.

"New Zealand." I whisper as I read the words. Unlke most slaves, I was learned before I came to be a slave, six years ago. Learned almost as good as our subordinates, who complain about something called calculus.

I am to be on a ship!

The End

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