It seems as if we waltzed in and heads turned and we got it.  We got it and now just need to be sure we can keep the money.  I can't believe it!  Looking at him, though, I shouldn't be surprised.  He is always so determined, so alert, and so keen.  Jim said they owed him.  I trust that the years he complained about that "crew of theives" is all behind us now.  They won't come after us. 

I wonder how much it is.  He stashed a separate small pouch or box in the belt at his back right away. 

"What's that? Seems more important to you than the pile of cash," I said, now hours ago. 

He double checked the alarm and locks in hopes for a quiet night.

"Elizabeth, tomorrow morning we are going to leave.  There is someone we need to see."

The End

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